We know there are many things you need to manage when it comes to an investment crowdfunding campaign (along with everything else you need to do). It’s easy to overlook email marketing, write it off as a ‘nice to have’, something you’ll fit in as and when you have the time.

But in our experience email marketing is actually one of the cornerstones of any successful campaign, it’s something you should focus on as a priority to ensure the success of your raise. Consider, for example, that 59% of B2B marketers cite email marketing as their top channel for revenue generation, and that 79% find it to be the most effective channel for content distribution.

On the B2C side stats show that consumers check their personal email, on average, 2.5 hours each weekday while at work, and that one in three retail email list subscribers have purchased something from a brand they receive emails from. Email works, and it works well!

The key is simply finding time to do it, and in such a way that drives value and results for your campaign. With that in mind we’ve put together this guide, covering everything you need to know. We’ve also included a checklist to ensure you have all the marketing materials you need when building your emails. Enjoy!

How to nail your messaging

First up, some comms 101. Email overload is real, it’s something we can all relate to. It’s a daily struggle to cut through the noise from spammers and scammers, trying to avoid the get rich quick schemes and once-in-a-lifetime sales deals.

According to a recent study the average person gets as many as 121 emails a day, and one of the effects of our digitized, always on lifestyle is that we now have a shorter attention span than a goldfish. It’s hard enough to get people’s attention, but even harder to keep it.

It’s crucial to remember this when crafting your emails. If someone has already read 120 emails before they get to yours, and their attention span is all but exhausted, what’s the best approach to communicate with them?

  • #1 Be clear about exactly what you’re offering. No jargon, industry acronyms or buzzwords. Simply sum up your mission and your vision with a short, sharp sentence or two. And give these pride of place in your email.

  • #2 Be bold and really emphasize what makes you different. Everyone has competitors and you’re no exception. So why should someone choose you and not someone else? You need to really highlight your USPs and bring your brand to life.

  • #3 Be direct in explaining why people should invest in you. You’ve set the scene with points 1 and 2, now you need a strong ask that will push people to action. What specifically are you offering them with this campaign? What’s the hook that will get them to go check your campaign page? Keep this direct and to the point, no waffle.

What you can learn from other successful campaigns

To help illustrate how you should follow these three rules in practice, we’ve also included some examples from previous campaigns on our platform. Every campaign has its own nuances and requirements, yours included. So whilst we ‘re not suggesting you copy verbatim what you see in these three examples, they examples should provide you with a good source of inspiration for layout and content. They’ll provide you with a few takeaways you can then apply to your own email messaging.

  • Hopkidz Launch EmailWhy this works: Even if you skim read this (which, let’s face it, most of us do with 9 out of 10 emails) it’s immediately clear what the company does and why you should invest. Everything builds toward a clear CTA encouraging people to check the campaign page which is, after all, the main point of a launch email.

  • Bucha Brew Launch EmailWhy this works: This email is nice to look at, it’s very clear what the company is all about even if you don’t read all the text, and there is a personal touch with a section (and picture) of the founder.

  • Hardbacon Launch EmailWhy this works:This email really reflects a lot of what Hardbacon is all about. A simple intuitive SaaS tool designed for everyone to use. There’s also plenty of facts to back up their claims, and supporting materials too.

Your capital raise email checklist and free template

Now that we’ve run through the basics it’s time to apply that knowledge to your own campaign. We’ve put together a checklist for you to complete, a template you can download by clicking below.

Once you’ve gone through the checklist and completed your template you’re pretty much ready to go with your first set of emails. Once you set them up and start sending them out you’ll soon start to see lift and traction. If you found this article useful, be sure to check out the other resources we have available too.