FrontFundr is hitting new heights as Canadian companies continue to turn to investment crowdfunding to raise capital. We  have now taken part in raising a combined $10 million in capital for 18 Canadian businesses.

This means that 18 Canadian companies have obtained the funding they need to grow while creating communities of supporters and advocates for their products and services.

It’s a win for our industry, as well. We have clearly demonstrated the availability and potential of investment crowdfunding capital to support the growth of Canadian businesses and are proud to be the number one platform in Canada.

Investment crowdfunding not only allows Canadians to invest in private companies, starting from $100, but it allows companies to access capital and a community of stakeholders. We like to say it’s crowdfunding for big kids. Instead of early access to a product or another perk, your money is converted into real shares in a company, making you an owner.

Take Red Mountain for example. Red Mountain is a fiercely independent ski resort in British Columbia that refused to be bought out by a corporation. By using FrontFundr, Red Mountain enabled their customers to own a piece of the resort they loved to ski. Over $2,500,000 was raised from 742 backers many of whom gained perks such as lift passes as well as shares.

Now we are the ones who want to grow.

On February 12 of this year we started our own raise. We’re now at over $700,000 of our $750,000 target and we want you to become our next investor and own the platform that is changing the way Canadian businesses raise capital. Check out the details and make your investment here.


Full details of the offering can be found in the Offering Memorandum. This document is for information purposes only. Please consult your finance professional before making an investment.