A recent listing on the TSX Venture Exchange marks a new milestone for FrontFundr. We are delighted to announce that RE Royalties LTD (TSX-V: RE) raised capital on FrontFundr in 2018 and is now trading publicly.  

From seed capital to growth capital for private companies that are on the path to a public listing, this milestone demonstrates that FrontFundr can help raise capital for private companies throughout their growth cycle. 

We believe that anyone should be able to easily invest in early and growth stage companies they believe in and share in their potential growth. Now we are enhancing our value proposition by adding investment opportunities, like RE Royalties, that offer the possibility of liquidity in the foreseeable future. 

For young companies, our platform provides a way to raise capital from a much wider pool of potential investors, the public.  As the public demands liquidity, more companies will look to floating their company on an exchange, as RE Royalties has done. 

The FrontFundr process provides excellent preparation for a public listing. For RE Royalties, the process taught them to tell their story, manage a wider pool of shareholders, and conduct investor relations activities. Their FrontFundr raise also increased their public profile by galvanizing a significant group of investors during their campaign. 

We are extremely proud of RE Royalties, the first company that found its way through FrontFundr to go public -- and we are confident that many more companies will follow.