Keep track of your FrontFundr investment portfolio on our new investor dashboard.

Investors in public companies receive updates on their investments through a variety of channels: press releases, annual filings, industry research, journalists, and more. Private companies, like the majority of those found on FrontFundr, do not always have the access or means to communicate through those channels.

This all changes with the new investor dashboard. Now, FrontFundr portfolio companies can communicate directly with you—their shareholders and brand champions. You’ll be “in the know,” with the latest information on your portfolio company to share with your circle. It’s never been easier to stay up-to-date with your investments in the private markets.

29986 dashboard 20210728142707370In the dashboard you will find updates for all of your FrontFundr investments including the following:

  • The current status of the companies you’ve invested in

  • The estimated private value of your investments

  • A downloadable summary of your FrontFundr portfolio investments (in xlsx/Excel format)

  • The latest information your portfolio company has released

Through the tab for your Completed Investments, you can now see the current status of the companies you’ve invested in, which can be private, public, or acquired.

For private companies, you can track the current estimated private value of your investments. This value will change if your FrontFundr portfolio company completes another fundraising round in the private markets at a different valuation. It is important to note that this value is subjective and cannot be realized until the company goes public on a stock exchange or is fully acquired.

If your FrontFundr portfolio company goes public or is acquired, the status will change from a private investment to an exit opportunity, which means you may have the opportunity to sell your investment. We will help you with the next steps if this happens to one of your FrontFundr portfolio companies.

For those of you that have asked to be able to download a summary of your investments, this can now be done from both the Completed Investments page (for your overall investment portfolio) and from the Details page (for each of the companies you’ve invested in). This summary is presented in an Excel file (xlsx format).

Additionally, if you’ve opted in for the ‘Post Raise Company Updates’ email preference, you will now receive a monthly summary email to let you know if any companies you’ve invested in have provided updates. You can expect this email at the beginning of each month.

We hope you enjoy following the companies you’ve invested in more closely. If you think of anything you would like us to include in this new investor dashboard or have any questions, please reach out to us at

And if you haven’t made an investment through FrontFundr, but are keen to get started in the world of private market investing, check out our current investment opportunities and see if anything catches your eye!

WATCH: A video demo on how to use the new investor dashboard