Next in our ‘Meet an Investor’ series is Kalie McCrystal, another supporter and investor of Persephone Brewing Company. Through her connection with FrontFundr’s COO, Sean Burke, Kalie was introduced to equity crowdfunding.

As a relatively new investor, the thing that appealed to me the most about FrontFundr was that it puts you in control of the decision-making. Ultimately, you get to decide if you truly believe in a company’s product or service, their leadership, and their business plan. In the end, all of that determines how likely and how much you are willing to invest.”

What differentiates FrontFundr from other crowdfunding platforms is its inclusive, and extensive investor pool. Where private investment opportunities were previously reserved for the wealthiest Canadians, FrontFundr invites and enables everyone across the country to participate.

“Investing was surprisingly straightforward! Since the process, from start to finish, is purely electronic, it only took a matter of minutes for the FrontFundr team to onboard me as an investor, and help me complete my investment.”

“Why do I believe in FrontFundr? They are putting all Canadians at the forefront, empowering us to invest in companies we are passionate about! Through FrontFundr, I had the unique opportunity to support a company I wanted to see succeed, and you can too – whether its because the company’s values align with yours or because you believe their product fills a gap in the market. FrontFundr is making the idea of investing less intimidating for us. They are making it accessible and approachable.”


When Kalie isn’t at the office working as a lawyer, she can often be found outside, running, hiking, and generally taking advantage of the beautiful West coast!