For most people, the term 'investor' might hint at a particular stereotype, but change is coming. We recently noticed a shift in investor trends – a new type of investor is emerging through FrontFundr. Today's investor seeks opportunities to contribute directly to companies they strongly believe in. Today's investor is someone like you.

Meet Emilie Feil-Fraser, a supporter and investor of Persephone Brewing Company. Through FrontFundr, Emilie was able to contribute to her favourite local brewery, and share in their potential for growth.

"I think it's a much-needed avenue to connect smaller companies with a grassroots investor base. The latter usually has a vested interest in the success of the company in question because they are the very people using or benefitting from the goods or services that the company provides. By using FrontFundr to invest, investors get a degree of investor protection, education, and ease of transaction that isn’t available on the open market.”

Traditionally, private investment opportunities have only been made available to the wealthiest corporations and individuals. By disrupting the current funding model, we enable individuals, such as Emilie, to support the causes that mean the most to them.

“For me personally, I’m new to equity ownership, as many people of my demographic are. Through FrontFundr, I’m able to ‘practice’ owning higher risk shares with relatively low consequences since the minimum amount of my investment is so low. I invested in Persephone Brewing, not to get a big return on my investment, but rather to invest in a business I support and benefit from (by drinking their beer!), to become more educated about share ownership in general, and to support the FrontFundr platform.”


Emilie is a lawyer practicing in the area of intellectual property litigation. During her spare time, she can be found hiking, kayaking, surfing, local concerts, and playing the guitar.