Cory Bru learned about FrontFundr after browsing HitchPlanet’s (now Pop Rideshare) website. At the time, Pop Rideshare was actively raising capital and had linked their FrontFundr campaign on their website. With no personal connection to the FrontFundr team, Cory began to explore the platform to see how he could directly contribute to Pop Rideshare's growth.

“My interest in HitchPlanet brought me to FrontFundr. I wanted to learn exactly how FrontFundr assists early-stage companies with funding, and after conducting some research, I was left feeling quite comfortable. Being able to easily navigate the platform and view past and present investment opportunities really drew me in to the concept of FrontFundr’s service.”

Over the past year, a strong focus has been directed towards making significant technological improvements to our platform. Why? So that curious investors like Cory are able to access informative material about equity crowdfunding and how they can participate. After all, it is through the FrontFundr infrastructure that we are, and have been able, to invite, accommodate, and support all Canadians in achieving their investment goals.


Cory currently works in the pulp and paper industry as an instrumentation engineer, but his first passion is golf. An active guy, Cory stays busy with mountain biking, snowboarding, hiking, and fishing – he credits backcountry splitboarding in and around Sun Peaks as one of his favourite memories!