At FrontFundr, we work with many founders who are looking to raise capital for their startup businesses. From those listed in Pitch Place who are actively raising funds, to those listed in Prospect Lounge with goals to do a raise in the near future, these founders are working hard to achieve their business goals.

We asked a few Pitch Place and Prospect Lounge founders to share the lessons they’ve learned since launching their companies. Read on to learn what they wish they had known before getting started.

Dana Stephenson, Riipen

Don't be afraid to tell people what you are working on. There's no such thing as a brilliant idea that nobody has ever thought of before. It's amazing what great connections and advice can come from telling total strangers about what you are working on.

Thijs Mathot, Brighter Investment

Things take twice as long as expected because there is always more to it than you expect and you're doing a lot of things for the first time. You have to plan for that from a time perspective, and also financially.

Kerry Costello, HeadCheck Health

Fundraising takes a lot of time and a lot of energy. You'll meet some amazing people along the way and learn some worthwhile nuggets, but not all of the work you put into pitching to potential investors will pan out. So, it's important to balance the work you put into sustaining those relationships with the work you put into driving traction in customers and sales. 

Jonathan Hill, Mode

Make sure you work with people that you want to work with, that share your values, and that respect your lifestyle. Especially for founders—this is so important. I’ve been lucky to work with great people from the start, but I’ve also heard horror stories from the other side.

Max Rivest, Wize Monkey

It's all about sales. No one cares unless you have good sales numbers behind the brand. Otherwise, everything is just a 'concept' or idea, and this applies to everyone: investors, wholesalers, friends, family, even customers. Money talks, as they say. 

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