We are currently raising money to grow FrontFundr and we’re using our own platform to do it! We’ve set a goal to create a gender-balanced shareholder base with 50% women investors. It’s an ambitious target, but we are up for the challenge. For perspective, consider that in our last raise, 30% of our investors were women, well above the industry average of 20%. By reaching 50%, we want to set the standard for Canadian finance and raise awareness around the untapped power of women investors.

We know that women take a holistic view when it comes to investing, considering many aspects beyond returns. Today we are taking a look at the perspectives of women who have already invested in FrontFundr to find out what makes it the right investment for them.

Investor perspective: Katrina Caroll-Foster

Katrina Carroll-Foster is the branding expert and entrepreneur behind Kollectively, and a serial FrontFundr investor. Our CGO, Jill Earthy caught up with Katrina in the car between meetings, to ask her about why she invests.

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