This International Women’s Day we want to recognise the women who have made and shaped FrontFundr. We interviewed Jill Earthy, an accomplished entrepreneur who has successfully built and sold two companies. Passionate about empowering women entrepreneurs, educating women investors, she is on the FrontFundr advisory board.

What’s your story, how did you get into business? 

I always had an interest in making an impact and after taking a Psychology undergraduate degree with a minor in Economics, I decided that I could have a bigger impact by following the business path. I also identified following the completion of my MBA that I did not want to work within a large institution but loved the nimbleness and variety that comes with entrepreneurship (& all of the hard work!). I had the opportunity to work with a number of entrepreneurs across Canada early in my career and started my first business with two mentors, as partners. After growing and selling that business, I knew that I wanted to support more entrepreneurs and took on various leadership roles in entrepreneurial support organizations. This also led to my interest in becoming a micro-investor, and when I discovered FrontFundr, it is was the perfect marrying of both sides of my interests.  I have continued to work to increase diversity of investors by empowering more female leaders to participate. Through the business world, I have been able to follow my passions, and hopefully to have some positive impact.


What traits have you found have benefited you in business in Canada?

As women, we are told to be bold, be confident, be strong but I have found that being authentic and aligning with my values has benefited me the most. By being your true self, you form deep relationships, which is the basis of business. 


How does FrontFundr help you as a woman?

I love how FrontFundr is focused on increased transparency and efficiency for both entrepreneurs and investors. Research indicates that women tend to be “risk-astute” which means that we do more research, ask more questions and want to understand what to expect. As a result, women entrepreneurs are realizing higher revenue growth, and women investors are realizing higher returns. The process offered by FrontFundr resonates with me as I want to access as much information as possible before making a decision about investment. I also appreciate that FrontFundr is conducting its own due diligence. We need more transparent and thorough processes in finance, and FrontFundr is able to deliver this. 


Who are your role models in business?

I believe we need different inspiration at different times in our life, and for different aspects. I look to a variety of women including Michelle Obama for her leadership, Canadian entrepreneur Joanna Griffiths, Founder of KnixWear, for demonstrated vision and drive and Sallie Krawcheck for her trailblazing in the finance and investment world.


What would your advice be to other women who are looking to get into business?

In the business world, anything is possible. Be curious and ask for help, surround yourself with people possessing different perspectives and skills, and go for it!