Meet Karen—an investor in an early stage company through FrontFundr. An experienced investor from California, Karen was motivated to invest because of the new doors being opened through financial technology, and because she saw a lot of potential in both the leadership team of the company she invested in.  

We are introducing real investors like Karen to the FrontFundr community to show the diversity of the modern investor. Learn more about Karen and why she decided to become an investor through FrontFundr.

FrontFundr: What do you do for work and what city do you live in?

Karen: I live in Santa Barbara, California. I work with companies both as a consultant and as a director. I love to see companies grow and thrive. I also teach business strategy and marketing at the University of California at Santa Barbara in the Technology Management Program. 

FrontFundr: What are some of your interests and/or passions?

Karen: I enjoy traveling, working locally to promote women’s economic self-sufficiency, cooking, spending time with our family, and walking and picking up after our Labrador Retriever (Sugaree).

FrontFundr: What type of investment experience do you have?

Karen: We invest primarily through funds and real estate, but look for entrepreneurial investment opportunities too.

FrontFundr: Do you manage your own investments or do you have a portfolio manager?

Karen: On our own.

FrontFundr: What inspired you to become an investor in an early stage company?

Karen: I believe in the company’s value proposition, timing, team, and opportunity.

FrontFundr: What’s one criterion you look for when making investment decisions?

Karen: More than one, including market opportunity, customer promise, compelling difference vs. alternatives, and team.

For information on becoming an investor, visit our How It Works section for investors. If you’ve already invested through FrontFundr and would consider sharing your story, please contact us.