Derek and his wife Amber recently became investors through FrontFundr. We are introducing our community to real investors like Derek and Amber in order to show that today’s investor is diverse. We want people to know that anyone can become an investor in an early stage private company—not just those who are professional investors.

Learn a bit about Derek and what informs his investment decisions.

FrontFundr: What do you do for work?  

Derek: I’m the head of Tax at Eldorado Gold Corporation. Amber is an HR manager at TELUS.

FrontFundr: What are some of your interests or passions?

Derek: I travel regularly for business and thus my biggest passion is spending time with my wife and 20-month-old daughter. I also love renovation projects, and recently sold a condo I renovated a while back and bought another as an investment. I’m also a director and treasurer with an incredible local non-profit organization, the Association of Neighborhood Houses – BC.  

FrontFundr: What type of investment experience do you have?

Derek: Stocks, real estate, mutual funds. I manage my own investments.

FrontFundr: What inspired you to become an investor in an early stage company?

Derek: I believe in the management and the concept. The risk/reward elements are also very high with a start-up and that appealed to me as well. I also wanted an investment I could feel more connected to, something local where I could talk to management, understand the company and the challenges, and feel part of the overall progress of the company.

FrontFundr: What’s one criterion you look for when making investment decisions? 

Derek: There is no one criterion—high quality management and a transformative business concept is probably my most important consideration. Also a solid and well communicated financial plan, endless owner energy for the business, quality key shareholders. If I am seeing all that, the investment is well placed.

For information on becoming an investor, visit our How It Works section for investors. If you’ve already invested through FrontFundr and would consider sharing your story, please contact us.