Meet Ben—a Vancouver-based web developer with a passion for the outdoors. Although he doesn't fit the profile of a typical investor, Ben recently became an investor in an early stage private company through FrontFundr.

A new category of investors is emerging where regular people like Ben, who isn't a professional investor, can invest in private companies in exchange for equity. FrontFundr opens up stringently vetted investment opportunities to regular people, meaning these opportunities are no longer just for the population's one percent.

Learn more about Ben and why he decided to become an investor through FrontFundr.

FrontFundr: What do you do for work?

Ben: I work in web development in the beautiful city of Vancouver.

FrontFundr: What are some of your interests or passions?

Ben: I love the outdoors. I try and spend a lot of time hiking, camping, trail running and have a goal of competing in my first triathlon this summer.

FrontFundr: What type of investment experience do you have?

Ben: I gained experience working as a junior portfolio manager in blue chip stocks and fixed income at a wealth management firm.

FrontFundr: Do you manage your own investments or do you have a portfolio manager?

Ben: I manage my own investments.

FrontFundr: What inspired you to become an investor in an early stage company?

Ben: It’s a chance to be a part of something exciting. I also love to see companies grow and see what decisions they make along the way.

FrontFundr: What’s one criterion you look for when making investment decisions?

Ben: In early stage companies, people are a huge one.

For information on becoming an investor, visit our How It Works section for investors. If you’ve already invested through FrontFundr and would consider sharing your story, please contact us.