Jordan is a young professional who recently became an investor through FrontFundr. Jordan lives in Toronto and is about to embark on an extended travel journey before returning to his hometown in Vancouver. Jordan doesn't fit the traditional seasoned investor profile. 

A new category of investors is emerging that doesn’t look like what most expect when they think: investor. Many new investors are investing through platforms like FrontFundr, which opens up stringently vetted investment opportunities to regular people. Today’s investor is diverse; today’s investor is not a stereotype.

FrontFundr is introducing real investors to remove barriers and show that anyone can be an investor. We want people to feel empowered to know that they, too, can become investors.

We are pleased to introduce you to Jordan—a real investor.

FrontFundr: Where do you work?

Jordan: I currently work for an organization called the MaRS Centure for Impact Investing. In short, we help social enterprises or non-profits raise investment capital.

FrontFundr: What are some of your interests or passions?

Jordan: I’m all about wellness of body and mind. I am really interested in nutrition and keeping in good physical shape. I’ve also been practicing meditation for the last year or so. I love travelling. I’m trying to keep the number of countries I’ve visited, above my age.

FrontFundr: What’s your investment experience?

Jordan: I studied finance and I work in finance to a degree; however, I’m mostly a passive investor when it comes to my own money – mutual funds, ETFs, etc. A few friends and I did set up a small investment fund focused on public equities.

FrontFundr: Do you manage your own investments or do you have a portfolio manager?

Jordan: Portfolio manager.

FrontFundr: What inspired you to become an investor in an early stage company?

Jordan: I find the startup space really interesting and a lot of young startups today come along with a social and environmental purpose, which I’m really excited about.

FrontFundr: What’s one criterion you look for when making investment decisions?

Jordan: Is the company going to do more good than harm if it is successful.

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