Interested in learning more about raising capital through equity crowdfunding?  FrontFundr’s online capital raising platform can provide you with access to over 570 accredited and retail investors.  Here’s how to list your company and get ready to make your Pitch.


Step 1: List on Prospect Lounge

Request, fill out, and return your company profile on Prospect Lounge.

Prospect Lounge is:

  • a free, no risk, no obligation listing on our website
  • a platform that makes you immediately visible to our roster of accredited and retail investors, and helps them learn about your business
  • an important head start for your company before the 90 day crowdfunding countdown begins
  • an opportunity to build brand champions to help create awareness about your campaign
  • if you close your financing offline while listed in the Prospect Lounge there is no cost


Step 2: Gain Traction 

Gaining traction means:

  • you have investors ready to back your company when you make your offering
  • you have a large social following ready to back your campaign
  • you have your corporate documents ready for our due diligence

Being pitch ready will help your eventual raise get off to a faster start, which is key to having a successful capital raise.


Step 3: Get Pitch Ready

When your company has enough traction for a successful capital raise, we can do our due diligence on your company so you can:

  • make your offering
  • raise funds through our online portal
  • make your pitch to our network of over 570 accredited and retail investors


If you are looking to expand, raise capital and get your company up to that next level, FrontFundr provides the tools you need to get there. We perform thorough due diligence to save entrepreneurs and investors time, and offer entrepreneurs extensive resources to support successful fund raising. Contact to get started today.