FrontFundr made an important decision for our future this year: in order to continue to help more Canadian businesses grow, we needed to have a physical presence in the country’s financial capital. And so it was decided that myself and Steve Smith would relocate from Vancouver to Toronto to open our third office. 

As soon as the decision was made, it was clear to me that this was the opportunity to see more of Canada. I decided to do the road trip from Vancouver to Toronto on my own. What a great adventure it was, and what an amazing country we live in.


I met a number of people along the way. When I told them why I was driving from Vancouver to Toronto, they wanted to learn more about FrontFundr. I was encouraged speaking to everyday Canadians who -- when they learned about the opportunity to be their own venture capitalists and invest in early and growth stage businesses they believed in -- signed up to FrontFundr on the spot. These (from every age group, income level, and background) all shared an excitement about investing directly in businesses they could believe in.


This is what we are all about. FrontFundr is inclusive, accessible, and modern. We are democratizing investing in emerging and growth-stage Canadian companies that will change the world. 


The opening of our Toronto office is a milestone for FrontFundr. We’ve been operating in central and eastern Canada since the launch of our platform mid-2015. We have since helped a number of companies located in Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes raise capital from the FrontFundr community.  

We are excited by the early and growth stage companies that are coming out of the Toronto/Waterloo corridor and we know you will be too. With our physical presence in Toronto, we are building out our role in Canada’s startup and growth companies ecosystem, providing companies access to capital from the wider investor community across Canada. With more companies on FrontFundr, you will have even more opportunities to invest in businesses you believe in. If you’re a Toronto-based investor looking to learn more about the companies on FrontFundr, stay tuned for some great events coming your way. 

Thank you for your continued support. Without our community, this growth would not be possible.


Peter-Paul Van Hoeken

Founder & CEO, FrontFundr