This week, FrontFundr was delighted to be featured in a short video by the BC Innovation Council (BCIC). BCIC supports startups and entrepreneurs in order to spark innovation that will help meet the technology needs of industry. BC Tech Stories is BCIC's miniseries, featuring interviews and profiles of tech companies that are furthering innovation in BC.

This week, our CFO, Sean Burke, and our CGO, Jill Earthy, spoke with Tarah Ferguson about FrontFundr’s contribution in sparking the crowdfunding revolution. In this interview, they explain how FrontFundr is taking the Dragon’s Den model, but putting it online and making it accessible to the broader population. What’s unique about FrontFundr is the ability for regular Canadians to look at pitches from early-stage companies, and invest in them in exchange for equity.

FrontFundr is helping businesses in their early-growth stages, while also opening up opportunities for a whole new investor demographic. To learn more about FrontFundr and how we’re impacting innovation, watch the clip from BCIC.