Last month we hosted the April edition of Pitch Perfect, our monthly online pitch event. The premise is pretty straightforward - we invite four of the companies running raises on our platform to come and tell us a bit more about their mission and their motivation.

This time round we were joined by Trung Pham from RYSE, Dan Larsen from Culture Craft Kombucha, Lee Roller from Custom Design Tattoo, and Stacey Martin from Stacey Martin Lifestyle.

What we covered

Each of the companies gave us a five minute pitch followed by ten minutes of questions from FrontFundr and our live audience. You can re-watch the session below by clicking the link below, pitch times are as follows:

  • RYSE - 01 mins 20 secs

  • Culture Craft Kombucha - 15 mins 46 secs

  • Custom Tattoo Design - 31 mins 06 secs

  • Stacey Martin Lifestyle - 48 mins 56 secs

We’ve also included a transcript of the closing question we ask everyone that takes part in our Pitch Perfect events - “Why should people invest in your company?” - which we’ve edited down from the original recording to help with readability.




[FrontFundr] Why should people invest in RYSE?

[Trung] We're in an extremely interesting market. Look at the other competitors, the other smart home players that had successful exits, like Ring the video doorbell or Nest, that Google bought.

And they were really focused on the residential sector and they were really one or two products per household. So Ring was one doorbell per household, and they had to scale to other security cameras. Nest was one thermostat. Then they had to create a security camera company as well.

So there's a lot of potential for volume per household. And we're not limited to just residential. We could also target commercial, which is a much larger and more lucrative market for us. So I think our market potential is much larger, our patents are extremely strong.

Given the market opportunity, the patents that we have, the growth potential, the sales, the traction, I think it's definitely a solid investment for the FrontFundr community. We've proven a lot, we've de-risked a lot, and we have a solid team, solid track record, and I think it's only going to go up from here.


[FrontFundr] Why should people invest in Culture Craft Kombucha?

[Dan] We're a brand that has values and we are set on maintaining our vision. And when you invest in Culture Craft, you're not just investing in kombucha, you're investing in the farming community. You're investing not just in your own health, but other people's health too. It would be an honor to have anybody help us and support us in that mission.


[FrontFundr] Why should people invest in Custom Tattoo Design?

[Lee] I feel like we're really poised for growth. We wanted to make sure our systems can handle scale, make sure artists can handle scale, make sure that we as owners, individuals, all of these things, understand what that looks like before we hit go. We've really built that foundation. We spent a lot of time revamping our site's tech backend, and now we're ready to go. We know exactly where to put the money and what we're going to do with it.

I think that we're in a really fortunate place. Anybody investing in this right now is going to be in a really great place where you get in at that point, when a company's ready to go, and then they're actually going to see that growth, not wait around and see how it goes. So I feel like it's a solid, solid investment from that point of view.


[FrontFundr] Why should people invest in Stacey Martin Lifestyle?

[Stacey] I believe that people should invest in Stacy Martin Lifestyle because they really want to see the greater good. They want to see the greater good in fashion as well as in entrepreneurship.

Like I said, when I go to pitches, I'm always the only black female that's in the room. That's who I am. This is who I've been. I think anyone who's investing in this company is investing in that, they're investing in social change. They're also investing in the change of fashion. Fashion is not just for models walking down runways, fashion is what you were wearing today. It's about how you feel in your clothing and remembering where you were.

So you're investing in this whole overall sense of change and you're investing in newness and a company that I would love for you to be a part of.

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