Our Team

Peter-Paul Van Hoeken

Co-Founder & CEO

Anthony Couture

Chief Compliance Officer

Aaron Stuart

Director of Operations

Jaime McNally

Due Diligence Manager

Francois Laruaz

Technology Manager

Steve Smith

Director of Deal Acquisition

Christine Bhatt

Accounting and Finance Manager

Jasper Dikmans

Manager of Deal Acquisition

Blandine Mille

Development and Customer Success

Mitchell Nagy

Investment Analyst & Dealing Representative

Quan Lee

Senior Developer

Philip Major

Due Diligence Analyst

Charles Vander Griendt

Regional Business Development Manager and Dealing Representative

Lauren Nickel


Peggy Van de Plassche


Barry Macdonald


Jill Earthy

Advisory Board

Charmaine Crooks

Advisory Board

Daryl Hatton

Advisory Board

Annie Theriault

Advisory Board