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Diversify your portfolio and invest in diversity.

Pique Fund is an inclusive angel fund focusing on leadership diversity and BC-based women-led ventures.

When routinely less than 10% of women entrepreneurs are able to access venture capital and less than 10% of venture capital investors are women, Pique Fund made it its mission to enable a diverse community of investors to pursue integrated investing.

We did it in a way to be as accessible as possible. Pique Fund is the first impact-focused fund to take advantage of the BC venture capital tax credit program, through which BC investors get a 30% BC tax credit. Investors outside of BC can invest as well, gaining exposure to the thriving BC tech market.

Pique Fund is the only impact venture fund open to accredited investors and is RRSP and TSFA eligible. Economic inclusivity and accessibility are really important to us and we're doing it in a smart, risk-managed way for investors and entrepreneurs.

Product or Service

Over the course of 2014 and 2015, Pique Fund invested in four BC-based companies and we’re growing our portfolio as we speak. We aim for solid, long-term returns for investors by investing in revenue-generating, high-growth early-stage companies, focusing on women-led companies, that reach a North American or global market.

Pique Fund invests in early-stage ventures in the following broad themes:

  • Leadership Diversity leads to exceptional performance. We invest in businesses led by diverse leadership teams and in businesses that enable leadership diversity through their products and services.
  • Social Technology drives future economies. We invest in people-focused, technology-enabled businesses that help people do what they do better and connect people with each other more effectively.
  • Creative Economy fuels growth. The human propensity to be creative is limitless. We look for businesses founded on creativity and expression, with strong revenue models.


Pique Fund invests in BC-based businesses and predominantly women-led technology companies. We may also invest in interactive digital media and manufacturing and processing companies. Pique Fund has strong relationships with other investors, funds, and experienced entrepreneurs. As such, practically all of our investment opportunities are referred to us by people we know and trust. We get access to high quality deal flow and get the opportunity to invest in companies that may not otherwise be widely accessible to individual investors. Pique Fund counts many notable venture capital firms and angel investors as co-investors in its portfolio companies.

Revenue Model

Pique Fund is an actively managed venture fund and we help connect our portfolio companies to the people and resources they need to grow their revenues, improve operations, attract talent, and source future finance and investment capital. We also pay close attention to potential exit opportunities and help our portfolio companies build relationships with potential acquirers. Investor returns rely on Pique Fund’s ability to generate investment gains from its portfolio companies through favourable exits of its investments at higher valuations or other liquidity events such as dividends.

Use of Proceeds

At least 80% of proceeds from this new investment offering will be used to make eligible investments in BC-based ventures.

A maximum of 20% of the proceeds may be used for operating expenses of the fund such as insurance, legal fees, and accounting fees.

Exit Strategy

As noted above, investor returns rely on Pique Fund’s ability to generate investment gains from its portfolio companies through favourable exits of its investments at higher valuations or other liquidity events such as dividends.

Investment Highlights

  • $750,000 Common Shares
  • No income, no redemption, growth equity
  • $5,000 minimum investment amount

Investor Taxation Benefits

  • RRSP and TFSA eligible
  • Eligible for 30% tax credit for BC residents
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