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Persephone Brewing Company

Farmers, beer farmers, making Beer, Farm Fresh. Persephone Brewing Co. prides itself on making and delivering the freshest beer. Our beer farmers grow hops and use BC grain in every sip. Not content with simply making the best and freshest beer, Persephone is committed to making the world a better place through adoption of ecologically and socially positive systems and working as a social venture.   Our staff team includes people with disabilities and several people named Matt.  PBC has 50+ owners committed to growing PBC into a significant brewery in the market benefitting its people, its community and the environment and land it relies on. 

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The Farm

Persephone Brewing Co. (PBC) operates an 11-acre farm and craft micro-brewery in the community of Gibsons on BC’s Sunshine Coast. PBC is operated by a small team of extremely passionate Beer Farmers, each of whom is committed to the vision of growing amazing beer, built through local agriculture, community connectedness, and partnerships. Producing the finest quality craft beer (Gold medal winner, 2013 and 2014 BC Beer Awards; Silver Medals, 2015 and 2016 Canadian Brewing Awards, etc.), our “farmhouse” approach integrates onsite farming of hops – one of the principal ingredients in beer – and other food crops in support of local food security (i.e. “farm to table AND farm to barrel”). We are also proud to support other BC farmers by sourcing barley grown and malted right here in BC!

We are a Certified B Corporation; Beer Farming for good and for the benefit of our environment, our people, and our community.


Revenue Model

The primary sales channels to get our beer to our customers include: on-farm sales; on-premise sales and off-premise sales.

On-farm refers to our over the counter sales at our Beer Farm, in Gibsons, BC.  Our farm has a particularly advantageous location on the Sunshine Coast.  The large majority of vehicle traffic coming off the ferry travels right by our farm in upper Gibsons. The profit margins on beer from our own, on-farm taps are by far the most lucrative so we nurture this sales channel carefully.  We hold many community events, fundraisers, harvest festivals, long table dinners and live music every Saturday and Sunday afternoon, all of which has entrenched Persephone in the hearts of locals and visitors alike. 

On-premise sales refers to our accounts that sell beer for consumption at their restaurant, bar or pub. We sell kegs to more than 150 on-premise accounts throughout BC and Alberta. On-premise accounts are the lowest of all margins yet critical as many customers try new products from the tap before they buy product in a packaged, retail format.  We aim to maintain approximately 15% of our gross sales from on-premise accounts.

Off-premise sales refers to more than 200 accounts that sell our beer in a packaged format, for customers to consume with their friends and family, at home, the beach, or the cabin, etc.  We put two of our most popular beers in 355ml cans and bottle nearly all other beers in a 650ml or “bomber” bottles. The cans are great for beach or canoe trips, not to mention being the most sustainable and shelf-stable packaging format.  On the other hand, bombers are great for sharing and that aligns nicely with the craft beer consumers’ characteristics of sharing new flavours, and comparing notes with others.  Of our off-premise accounts roughly 67% are privately owned liquor retail stores and our products are in 67 government-owned liquor stores.  Approximately 50% of our total gross revenue derives from our off-premise accounts.



Our target market has a couple of layers.

The first layer is the beer aficionado. These mini-influencers are craft beer lovers that meet at tastings or events, are service staff at draught accounts, are beer bloggers or liquor store operators. These are the individuals that will talk about beer more often than the usual drinker and advocate for those they believe in.  We have been quick to recognize the importance of this market segment and work hard to nurture our relationship with them.

The second layer to our target market evolved along with recent trends that have spurred a massive shift from macro-breweries to craft breweries.  Here are a few trends we are seeing in our industry:

  • Emphasis on Food - Among “foodies”, the increased popularity of pairing beer with food has spurred flavour experimentation and creativity.
  • Drinking Less, Paying More - People are growing increasingly more conscious about what they eat and drink, and they are more willing to spend money on a small quantity of the really good stuff.
  • The Refined Beer Drinker - It is not uncommon for beer drinkers to have exceptionally refined tastes; they now approach choosing their beer the same way a sommelier would a bottle of wine.
  • Organic and Local - As consumers grow more health conscious and more knowledgeable about food and beverages, and where they come from, they demand that brewers take just as much care when sourcing their ingredients, emphasizing local, seasonal and organic.

These factors, especially the latter, define our largest target market – people that appreciate or want to be Beer Farmers.  A socially and ecologically conscious beer drinker will choose our beer over a macro brewery because of the connection to growing locally.


Use of Proceeds

Growth including expansion of production and sales channels.

Persephone has previously raised approximately $1,300,000 since inception.  The breakdown of how those equity investment funds were used included:

  • Equipment and production - $800,000 or 62%
  • Land, Buildings, Infrastructure - $400,000 or 31%
  • Admin and operations - $100,000 or 7%
  • Total equity investments - $1,300,000


Funds for this round, the lion’s share of equity being raised through crowdfunding will be used for equipment and working capital needed for continued growth:


  • Equipment and production upgrades - $480,000 or 80%
  • Sales and Marketing HR and Campaign - $84,000 or 14%
  • Admin Systems Upgrades - $36,000 or 6%
  • Total equity investment - $600,000 (assuming maximum raise)


Exit Strategy

The senior shareholders, including co-founders, have no immediate plans to exit the company. However, merger, acquisition, IPO and shareholder buyouts are all possible in the future.


Investment Highlights

  • Maximum Current Raise:  $600,000
  • Pre-money Valuation:   $4,447,021
  • Equity Offered (assuming maximum raise): 12%
  • Offering Type: Class A Common Shares (with Voting Trust Agreement)
  • Price per share:  $1.90


Do you grow ALL your own hops? 

No, we use varieties that are not grown on our farm and we have grown past our crop yield to sole source our hops.  We buy hops from the Williamette and Yakima family including Certified B Corp Crosby Farms.  And yet, we are committed to using our agricultural land well and to the fullest possible growing potential so we plan on increasing our yield and varieties in the future. 


The origin of our name? 

Persephone was the name of the salvage boat featured in the long running Beachcombers TV show filmed in Gibsons.  As well, in Greek mythology, Persephone is the daughter of Zeus and the harvest goddess Demeter.  The myth of her abduction represents her function as the personification of vegetation, which shoots forth in spring and withdraws into the earth after harvest; hence, a nice fit with our location on a farm. 


Do we donate beer?

Yes.  As a Certified B Corp, we are committed to giving back to community.  However, we focus most of our charitable work on our partner in the Sunshine Coast Association for Community Living (SCACL).  Our sponsorship and donation guidelines are available here.

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