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FrontFundr Launch - Calgary
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Mises à jour


avril 18, 2018

Only 12 hours left for you to invest!

There is only 12 hours left for you to become an owner in FrontFundr!

With just a few hours left in our campaign we are very pleased to announce that we have surpassed our goal and raised over $750,000 welcoming more than 425 new owners!

We’ve met our goal, but the campaign is not closed

Complete your investment by 4pm PST today and enable FrontFundr to grow and support even more Canadian companies.

It’s not too late for you to join the FrontFundr investor community.

If you have any questions about your investment, email or call 604 345 7191

Full details of the offering can be found in the Offering Memorandum. This email is for information purposes only. Please consult your finance professional before making an investment.


avril 17, 2018

Video update from Peter-Paul, Jill & Sean

Less than 30 hours to invest in FrontFundr and join over 415 investors who have invested over $725,000.
A few campaign milestones we wanted to share with you.

Full details of the offering can be found in the Offering Memorandum. This email is for information purposes only. Please consult your finance professional before making an investment.

Peter-Paul Van Hoeken

avril 09, 2018

9 Days Left to #OwnYourShare in FrontFundr

The countdown is on! 

Thank you to those of you who have completed your investment and have helped us to raise $700,000 of our $750,000 goal. For those of you who still haven't completed your investment, time is running out. Complete My Investment Now.

Join us for an online webinar on Tuesday, April 10:
Join us tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM PDT for a webinar with our management team. Bring your questions about the opportunity, the investment process or simply listen in to our presentation. Register here

FrontFundr Milestone:
FrontFundr has taken part in raising a combined $10 million in capital for Canadian companies. Read more here.

FrontFundr Live:
Want to learn more about how FrontFundr works? Over the past few weeks, we’ve been hosting a series of Facebook Live sessions with our team. You can check them out on our Facebook page and don’t forget to “like” us while you’re there!

Jill Earthy

avril 06, 2018

Striving for a 50/50 shareholder base!

FrontFundr believes in diversity and wants to achieve a gender-balanced shareholder base. We have publicly set a goal to reach 50% female shareholders by the end of our campaign.


Less than 2% of the world’s money is invested by women and the average make-up of female investors in private companies is around 22%. The industry average for women shareholders in investment crowdfunding is estimated to be around the same.

At FrontFundr, we are well ahead of this average with 31% of our shareholder base being women, but now we are striving to be the industry leader at 50:50.  

Will you be a change-maker and help us achieve our gender equality goal? 
Own Your Share


Read more:

Our press release

Our mission to create a gender-balanced shareholder base

Why we believe in a diverse investor community

Why women are investing

Peter-Paul Van Hoeken

mars 01, 2018

23 hours remaining for BONUS deadline!

This is our final reminder that you have 23 hours left before the deadline to receive your FREE BONUS shares. 

Complete your investment by 3:00 p.m. tomorrow, Friday March 2nd.

Documents must be signed and payment processed in order to be considered a completed investment. 

Full details of the offering can be found in the Offering Memorandum. This email is for information purposes only. Please consult your finance professional before making an investment.

Peter-Paul Van Hoeken

février 27, 2018

We've Officially Launched!

It’s an exciting time in our company’s growth and today is the day, our friends and customers have the first opportunity to invest in FrontFundr and become part of our future.

  • We are offering you Bonus Shares if you complete your investment before 3:00 p.m. PT on Friday, March 2nd

  • We have a number of events, both face to face and online if you want more information. See our Facebook page for details. The first is today in Vancouver, and tomorrow via Facebook. You can also ask us any questions via the platform.

Thank you in advance for joining the FrontFundr community, you are now a key part of supporting Canadian businesses.

Own your share.

Peter-Paul Van Hoeken

CEO, FrontFundr

Full details of the offering can be found in the Offering Memorandum. This brochure is for information purposes only. Please consult your finance professional before making an investment.

Peter-Paul Van Hoeken

février 23, 2018

Perks and Bonus Offers

Dear Future Shareholders,

Only 4 days until the launch of our campaign on Tuesday, February 27 and we have over $650,000 reserved from 93 Canadians! In anticipation of our launch, we're sharing some important updates and benefits for you!

Perks and Bonus Shares:
Complete your investment by March 2, 3:00pm PST, and we will provide you with free Bonus Shares!

  • Invest $250 and receive 10 Bonus Shares
  • Invest $500 and receive 25 Bonus Shares
  • Invest $1,000 and receive 55 Bonus Shares
  • Invest $1,500 and receive 85 Bonus Shares
  • Invest $2,000 and receive 125 Bonus Shares
  • Invest $2,500 and receive 160 Bonus Shares
  • Invest $5,000 and receive 330 Bonus Shares
  • Invest $10,00 and receive 750 Bonus Shares

Read the full details in our Offering Memorandum once our campaign is live.  

Help us share the campaign:
As future owners your endorsement says a lot. Please take a moment to like and share any of our campaigns on social media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram.

Get to know our team over Facebook Live:
This morning, Sean Burke and I held our first Facebook live session talking about FrontFundr, who we are, and what we have achieved since 2015. Over the next few weeks, we will hold a number of these sessions for you to meet our team and talk through due diligence, investing online and the success stories of the companies. 

Meet us in person across Canada:
We are also holding a number of face to face events which you can find on our FrontFundr events page. Feel free to register a guest to bring with you and register soon as the events are filling up fast. 

Thank you for your support of FrontFundr and helping us to continue to grow and be able to support even more Canadian companies.

Kind regards,


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