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CertiStay provides safety and security audits for short term rental properties and a proprietary suite of insurance offerings designed for the short term rental property market. CertiStay investments are RRSP and TFSA eligible.

What if you could should show guests that your short term rental property (STR) issafe and secure?

STRs are not subject to the same regulations as hotels and BnBs. People who rent properties short term through rental agencies (e.g., Airbnb) have no  third party on which to rely to certify that a property has been inspected and complies with safety and security industry standards. CertiStay fills the gap between the rental property owner who has a clear conflict of interest in providing a Safety and Security Certification (S&SC), and the rental agencies who are not considered sufficiently arms length to provide a S&SC.

CertiStay will rely on proprietary insurance offerings and software to offer a compelling value proposition to the rental property owner, the rental agencies and municipalities. 

A Disruptive Idea for a Disruptive Industry

There is no bona fide safety and security certification business of any size in existence to address “this problem". CertiStay will use a proprietary software audit tool and leverage off of a sharing economy operations model utilizing independently contracted auditors. Additionally, CertiStay will provide its proprietary insurance offerings to the rental property owner lifting the liability limits currently provided from their standard homeowners policy to the appropriate level ($5.0 Million) and offer a compelling value proposition through the CertiStay proprietary homeowners policy which will afford the rental property owner a 35% plus discount from their current premium rate.


The CertiStay Team is lead by senior professionals who have a proven track record of growing and funding companies to the point of private sale or launch through the public capital markets. 

Combined, the team has successfully completed various exits in high tech, mining and tourism including:

David Miller - A proven track record of building companies and selling them including launching start-ups in the public markets.

Salil  Munjal - Exited Leitch Technology, the TSX/NASDAQ-listed global networking technology company (sold for $600 million)

Terry Jones - Founder and CEO of Travelocity (sold for $1.2 Billion USD) and founding Chairman of Kayak (sold for $1.8 Billion USD).

Alex Clark - Cofounder of Bit Stew Systems Inc. recently sold to GE Digital ($207.5 Million USD)

Principals accomplishments to date

  • Brought on world class team of experts
  • Created audit and certification process
  • Designed proprietary master liability and homeowners insurance offerings


CertiStay provides third party safety and security audits for STRs and offers a unique set of insurance offerings designed for the short term rental property market.

Our Impact

For Destinations/Cities

Municipalities want to ensure that STRs meet safety and security standards on par with hotels and Bed & Breakfast operations and are implementing regulatory reform to make it mandatory for rental property owners to receive a safety and security certification.


For Guests

Renters/guests want the same assurance – they not only want a great stay but a safe stay.


For Rental Property Owners

Provides rental property owners with peace of mind by limiting their liability, while increasing the marketability of their “certified” home. Additionally, the proprietary CertiStay homeowners policy will proffer a 35% plus reduction from current premium rates more than offsetting the cost of the certification.


For Investors

CertiStay is uniquely situated to take the pole position in the overlap created between the two hot button areas of safety and security and STRs through a well constructed forward plan designed for scalability and the creation of recurring net revenue, which will unfold regionally to ultimate global penetration. CertiStay is perfectly positioned to be the beneficiary of regulatory reform at the municipal level forcing rental property owners to comply with new regulations.


The current global market has over 3,750,000 STRs which are publicly marketed as such. In North America there are over 300,000. 

Revenue Model


Rencontrer l'équipe
David Miller
Yvonne Chan
Chief Insurance Officer
Sandra Murley
Chief Technology Officer
Wolf Worster
Chief Marketing Officer
Salil Munjal
Advisor - Managing Partner of Yaletown Partners
Terry Jones
Founder of Travelocity and Founding Chairman of Kayak
Alex Clark
Advisor - Chief Software Architect of Bit Stew Systems
Mises à jour


janvier 30, 2018

CertiStay and Clean Sleep: Sharing Economy Start-Ups

A new partnership brings together two market innovators in the sharing economy to leverage their technologies and services for the local short-term rental market

To learn more about this new partnership: http://markets.businessinsider.com/news/stocks/CertiStay-and-Clean-Sleep-Sharing-Economy-Start-Ups-1013980437


janvier 09, 2018

Join a world class management team! Q&A session with David Miller and Wolf Worster of CertiStay

Just a reminder that CertiStay is putting on a webinar on Wednesday, 12:30 pm PST with David Miller, CEO of CertiStay.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to learn more about CertiStay, a unique start-up transforming the short-rental (i.e. Airbnb and other platforms) industry.

An investment in Certistay is RRSP/TFSA eligible. The company also has established EBC status which proffers a 30% tax credit to B.C. resident investors which is additive to the tax deduction one receives from an RRSP contribution.

CertiStay has a very strong advisory team, including Terry Jones, ex CEO & Founder of Travelocity and ex Founding Chairman of KAYAK.

Learn and ask more about the benefits of investing with Certistay by joining the webinar at https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_l2ovnCoxRYuKXo8W9ydpbA


décembre 06, 2017

Complete your investment today and participate with a world class management team!

We are proud to announce that we are at 177% of our initial fund raising goals!

Remember, CertiStay shares are RRSP and TFSA eligible.

CertiStay has also received EBC tax credit status which proffers a 30% tax credit (quoting a noted local Angel Investor: “as good as cash”)

to investors who are B.C. residents which is additive to the tax deduction you receive from your RRSP contribution!

Pledge your investment now before the December 15, 2017 deadline!


octobre 25, 2017

The Future Of Travel

Our own Terry Jones discussed the Future of Travel with Dave Sheldon on Pulse 107.7 To listen to the complete interview, follow this link: https://soundcloud.com/pulse1077/the-future-of-travel-dave-sheldon-with-terry-jones-october-24th-2017

CertiStay Inc.

octobre 03, 2017

Good News for BC Residents!

Good News for BC Residents! CertiStay Inc. is approved for the BC Tax Credit Program which offers all Investors who file their taxes in B.C. a 30% Tax Credit / Rebate.

Business in Vancouver

septembre 26, 2017

Terry Jones latest Radio Interview

Terry Jones was on Business in Vancouver today!

To listen to Terry’s recent radio interview follow this link:  http://cirh2.streamon.fm/listen-pl-12210


septembre 18, 2017

Vancouver startup involved in city's short-term rental plans

As the City of Vancouver considers ways to regulate short-term rental properties like the ones found on Airbnb, a local startup is helping them address concerns over safety and security.

To continue reading, click here

CertiStay Inc.

septembre 10, 2017

Check Out Certistay New Youtube Channel

Check out our new YouTube channel!


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