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VARIO - Digital Currencies for All is currently in the Coming Soon Phase.
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VARIO is a Canadian company mining a portfolio of high potential digital currencies in our nature-cooled, hydroelectric-powered, enterprise-class facility.

We exhaustively research digital currencies, select those with the highest potential for growth, mine them, and hold them.

No need to build out your portfolio with a diverse digital currency package; when you hold shares of VARIO you hold a wide array of the new digital asset class – and we do all the work.

VARIO is making digital currencies accessible to all

It’s not easy to mine or even purchase digital currencies. From securing keys to investigating which currencies are real and which ones are scams, it’s a time consuming and complicated process. This reality restricts most ordinary people from becoming a part of the blockchain economy.

That’s where VARIO comes in.

At VARIO, we do exhaustive and continuous research to select digital currencies that are set to increase in value above others. We know how to mine those currencies securely and efficiently, and we’ve had a lot of success doing it.

Now, we’re making digital currency investing accessible to all Canadians by offering shares in our company. Investors can now build digital currencies into their investment portfolios by purchasing shares through FrontFundr’s accessible platform.

We’re in the business of mining and holding high-potential digital currencies. We identify overlooked coins further down the index that are poised to grow in value. We punch above our weight class because we’re not in competition with huge global miners. These huge miners tend to focus on a few of the more dominant coins.

We’re mining a diverse portfolio of digital currencies. That means we mitigate our risk and have the flexibility to respond to changes in the market very quickly. While many digital mining companies focus on one coin, we focus on a variety of coins, allowing us to find value and adapt quickly.

The VARIO model is proven. Our initial production facility in Vancouver, BC has been in operation since December 7, 2017 with $500,000 worth of profitable hardware running. Upon completion of our Series C raise, our Vancouver facility will become our testing and development facility and our new facility will become our main mining site.

We believe that blockchain technology and digital currencies will change the world. If the value of the digital currencies we hold increases, our value increases. By holding a diverse range of digital currencies, we are working to mitigate downside risk and facilitate growth.

Our mining operations are based in Canada and our security controls are enterprise-grade, meaning we house our hardware in the same facilities that large corporate institutions do. We have negotiated cost-effective power and location agreements with world-class data centre partners.

Crypto-mining is an energy-dependent business and it can be environmentally wasteful. We’re mining in hydro-powered British Columbia, Canada, using renewable resources. Our new facility, also in British Columbia, is located in a cool climate where nature will take care of the cooling for us. No more dirty warehouses without environmental controls. Expanding further into solar and other renewable sources of energy is part of our long-term plan.

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Meet the Team
Jason Pigeon
CEO and Founder
Ryan Walchuck
Anthony Dack
Making the Digital Economy Accessible to all Canadians - FACEBOOK LIVE EVENT
Sep 27, 2018 11:30 AM
VARIO FB PAGE - Facebook Live Event
The event happened 2 months ago.
Investor Pitch Night - VARIO CEO & Founder Jason Pigeon
Sep 26, 2018 05:00 PM
Vancouver, British Columbia
The event happened 2 months ago.
VARIO Live - Get to know us!
Sep 11, 2018 12:00 PM
The event happened 2 months ago.

Jason Pigeon, CEO & Co-Founder

October 01, 2018

Early Bird closes Tuesday 9 am PDT

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Make sure you complete your investment by 9 am PDT tomorrow, Tuesday, October 2nd to get your 5% Early Bird on VARIO shares. 

Understanding the VARIO model

Two of the co-founders of VARIO, CEO, Jason Pigeon and CFO, Ryan Walchuk were interviewed last Thursday on the VARIO model. Watch the recording to meet the team, understand their experience and how the VARIO model works to seek out high performing currencies in a simple to you investment.

Jason Pigeon

September 05, 2018

VARIO makes sense of the latest digital currency news on Medium

VARIO's Latest Review of the Digital Currency news is now on Medium

See the latest insights and interpretation of the news and changes in the marketplace.


August 03, 2018

Launching into our Next Chapter

Launching into our Next Chapter

Last Wednesday, we met more than 40 of our current investors and supporters for a few beverages and a look at our new branding. The event was an opportunity to demonstrate the progress we've made so far and look ahead to what's next for VARIO.
Our Founder and CEO, Jason Pigeon, summed up our progress:

"Over the past eight months, we have successfully built out our Vancouver data centre and have proved the VARIO model. We are proud to be successfully mining various high-potential digital currencies, switching between the most advantageous coins as we go.

We have also re-branded, developed our visual identity, and launched our website. Our team has grown as well and we've added significant expertise to our Advisory Board. These folks will ensure we do the right things right. Whether it is financial, technical, or environmental decisions, we want the best people on our team so that we are setting VARIO up for sustainability and future growth."
Mr. Pigeon also announced the next step in our growth, an equity crowdfunding campaign on FrontFundr.
"Tonight is an important night to thank those people who have already invested and introduce the crowdfunding campaign we will launch on FrontFundr, further building our community of advocates and providing the capital needed for our next stage of growth."
Our crowdfunding campaign is planned to launch on August 21, 2018. By using FrontFundr's accessible platform, we're enabling all Canadians to access the blockchain economy. To learn more about the opportunity and reserve your shares, check out our coming soon page on FrontFundr.
A big thank you to everyone who attended the event and we'll keep you updated on where the next one will be. In the meantime, please connect with us on social media and feel free to forward this email to a friend
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