Our Team

Lawrence I Lerner | Executive Vice President, U.S.A.

Lawrence has over two decades of business consulting leadership in both large corporations, and as an entrepreneur. With a keen eye for market relevance, Lawrence has built digital products and services across the globe. An early interest in taking apart complex problems honed his multi-disciplined solution approach. He has launched more than a dozen $10MM+ corporate products across multiple industries including retail, FinTech, High-Tech, Media and Entertainment, and IT services.

With a passion for growth and transformation, his ares of expertise are process engineering, strategy, enterprise architecture, big data, mobile/social media, IT security and product marketing. While successfully creating businesses on three continents, Lawrence also served as a change leader on several executive teams. He has created $100MM business lines and launched new products/services for some of the world's top brands, including Motorola, Catalina Marketing, Macrovision, DHL, and Debenhams. Over the past 20 years, he has helped launch 11 early-stage companies.