Our Story


FrontFundr is the bridge that connects investors and entrepreneurs.

Traditional early stage venture investing

Investing in young companies has been limited to angel investors, venture capital firms and wealthy individuals. These investors represent only a fraction of the larger investor community who are excited and have the financial means to participate in growing new companies.

The wider investor community needs a more versatile capital market, supported by innovative technology, in order to participate more fully in the growth of new companies.

The new capital market

We use today’s technology to enable entrepreneurs to raise money from a much larger investor community.

This is an opportunity for seasoned investors and the wider public to come together to directly drive innovation and entrepreneurship. With FrontFundr, both experienced and regular investors are able to exercise positive influence on businesses they would like to see succeed.

We are

  • The New Capital Market
  • Connecting investors and entrepreneurs
  • Setting the highest quality standards

We serve

  • Regular investors
  • Seasoned investors
  • Early stage companies

We offer

  • Pre-screened business pitches
  • The opportunity for regular investors to invest in private companies
  • An online market for equity and debt financing