Our Approach

Our approach is grounded in our values; which shape our character, conduct and reputation.

We give new and seasoned investors access to stringently screened young businesses that we guide from business pitch to deal completion – growing The New Capital Market for all.

Sincere Leadership
We are a true and professional financial services company that leverages innovative technology to build an efficient and open capital market—one in which we serve as trusted guides and service providers to investors and young companies.
Uncompromising Ethic
We earn trust by refusing to compromise on our high standards of governance and compliance, and we do not take unnecessary risks. We relentlessly bring credibility to everything we do.

Credible Investments

Consistent Responsibility
As a fully compliant, registered dealer in Canada, we take complete control over and accept full responsibility for conducting stringent due diligence on any business investment deal we present to our investor community; and we represent only the highest quality deals on our platform.
Open Transparency
We go beyond the call of duty to ensure that new investors as well as budding entrepreneurs all understand the risks and rewards of entering into a transaction. To guide decision-making, we provide a learning community with access to expertise and pertinent information, tools and resources.