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Why Invest?

Investing in private companies has never been so simple.
In just a few clicks, take control of your savings, diversify your investments and support the leaders of tomorrow.

Diversify your investment portfolio with high risk investments that have the potential for significant growth.
Impact Investing
Support entrepreneurs who share values that you care about and who need your help in challenging the status quo and building a better world.
Be A Part Of The Next Big Thing
Invest in a wide range of businesses. If the business does well, you can benefit as an owner.


“A lot of young startups today come along with a social and environmental purpose, which I’m really excited about”.


“FrontFundr gave me the chance to support a business I believe in”.


“Investing in an early stage company was my chance to get off the sidelines and in the game”.


“I believe in the company’s value proposition, timing, team, and opportunity”.

The FrontFundr Advantage


In as little as 15 minutes, you can complete an investment in an exciting start-up. Every step, from researching a company to signing the documents, is completed online, through FrontFundr’s user-friendly platform/website.

Support Team

FrontFundr’s investor support team is available at every step along the way. Have a question? Reach us online through live chat, give us a call (1-800-804-1524) or send us an email (


FrontFundr is a one stop shop for information about specific investments and on investing in the private capital markets. Want to learn more? Check out our investor Guides (upcoming) and FAQ section.

Company Analysis

FrontFundr conducts due diligence on each company’s business, management team and investment product, assisting the issuer and providing investors with relevant information.


All personal information is encrypted and stored on our secure server. All payments made for investments are held by FrontFundr until a campaign closes successfully and company shares are legally distributed in the investor’s name.

Zero Cost Solution

FrontFundr does not charge you any fees to invest. No administration fees. No legal fees. Nothing

How It Works

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Review the company profiles in 'Live Campaigns' and 'Coming Soon', ask us any questions and do your own research on the company and its industry.

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Simply click ‘Invest Now’ to calculate your investment limit. Create your own investor profile when making your first investment.

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To ensure that an investment is suitable for you, our experts will review your current profile and proposed investment.

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A link to the investment documents is sent via email, for you to review and sign electronically. The documents will also be available in 'My Investments'

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Make a payment for your investment. Instructions based on your investment size and banking institution are provided after documents are signed


Fundamentals of investing through FrontFundr

Investing in Private Companies
Making an Informed Investment Decision
Investing Through FrontFundr
After you Invest

Frequently Asked Questions

How does FrontFundr screen the investment opportunities?

FrontFundr conducts due diligence on a company before allowing them to start a capital raising campaign on the FrontFundr platform and distribute securities...

How can I make money on my investment?

Typically there are three ways in which you may see a return on your investment: 1) The company is acquired by another company, at which point you would sell your shares; 2) The company goes...

What happens at the end of a successful campaign?

Once a campaign closes successfully, the company will conduct their closing responsibilities to finalize the investments and accept their new shareholders. As the investor, you will receive...