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iHeart Shares The Love With All Canadians

Sarah Goodman is a leading female entrepreneur who is all heart. Sarah’s company, iHeart, recently made an appearance on Dragon’s Den while simultaneously launching on FrontFundr to create a path for all Canadians to invest alongside the Dragons.Sarah’s goal is to truly give all Canadians the opportunity to invest early in an opportunity that is going big. By engaging more investors, Sarah is creating a community of advocates and...

Sarah Goodman & Kara Zucker

February 28, 2017

New Models Drive Diversity and Innovation

Diversity is essential for innovation and economic growth. We know this. The numbers demonstrate the importance of diversity of thought and experience. Far beyond being the right thing to do, the research demonstrates a strong business case. Yet women continue to be underrepresented in all sectors, especially in science and technology. I have spent my career advocating for the economic advancement of women. Although progress has been made to expand choices for women, the more traditional models remain the same. The result is that...

Jill Earthy

February 21, 2017

We Drank Our Own Whiskey

In December 2016, FrontFundr closed its tenth deal since the launch of its online funding and investment platform over 18 months ago.  The company: FrontFundr. We drank our own whiskey. We decided to raise capital for our own company using our own platform. Offering a minimum of $100, we invited everyone to invest in our company. Seasoned investors familiar with investing in young companie...

Peter-Paul Van Hoeken

February 16, 2017

FrontFundr raises $650K on its own online funding and investment platform

DECEMBER 21, 2016 - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Vancouver company first in Canada to raise capital through its own platform FrontFundr raises $650K on its own online funding and investment platform December 21, 2016 (Vancouver, BC) – For the first time in Canadian history a business, FrontFundr, has self-funded on its own equity crowdfunding platform. To great success, FrontFundr has exceeded its target raise by 130%, raising a total of $650K from 200 i...


December 22, 2016

Meet An Investor: Cory Bru

Cory Bru learned about FrontFundr after browsing HitchPlanet’s (now Pop Rideshare) website. At the time, Pop Rideshare was actively raising capital and had linked their FrontFundr campaign on their website. With no personal connection to the FrontFundr team, Cory began to explore the platform to see how he could directly contribute to Pop Rideshare's growth. “My interest in HitchPlanet brought me to FrontFundr. I wanted to learn exactly how FrontFundr assists early-stage companies with funding, and after conducting ...


December 12, 2016

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