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A New Year With New Owners of RED!

Hello Everybody and Happy New Year,It is with great pleasure and a certain sense of relief that we can now talk about our successful Fight the Man, Own the Mountain equity crowdfunding campaign in the United States and Canada.  Our success is a direct result of your faith, confidence, support and belief in our mission of supporting ski resorts like RED Mountain.  We have completed two closings with StartEngine in the United States and FrontFundr in Canada, with a total investment of approximately $1,750,000 received so far. ...

Howard Katkov, RED CEO

January 12, 2018

Join a world class management team! Q&A session with David Miller and Wolf Worster of CertiStay

Just a reminder that CertiStay is putting on a webinar on Wednesday, 12:30 pm PST with David Miller, CEO of CertiStay.Don't miss this unique opportunity to learn more about CertiStay, a unique start-up transforming the short-rental (i.e. Airbnb and other platforms) industry.An investment in Certistay is RRSP/TFSA eligible. The company also has established EBC status which proffers a 30% tax credit to B.C. resident investors which is additive to the tax deduction one receives from an RRSP contribution.CertiStay has a ...


January 10, 2018

Closing Update From FrontFundr

Discourse Media's campaign has officially come to a close. As of this writing, Friday afternoon, Discourse Media has successful collected subscriptions of over $250,000 with a further $86,000 currently in process—and that’s a win worth celebrating!With this massive increase of subscriptions this last week, we’ve now started the process of closing. But due to the holiday office closure, along with the final rush of subscriptions we had, we expect it will take approximately another 7-10 days business days to complete the pro...


December 23, 2017

Bougex réduit son objectif minimum // Bougex is lowering its minimum

Bonjour, * English message to follow *Bonne nouvelle, nous venons de passer la barre des 67 000 $ pour la Bougex inc.Plus de bonnes nouvelles: VortexSolution vient de confirmer un investissement supplémentaire en nature de 25 000 $, soit 312 heures de travail de développement pour optimiser et simplifier notre plateforme.Ce partenariat nous permettra d'atteindre nombre des objectifs que nous nous sommes fixés au début de la collecte de fonds, y compris de nombreuses optimisations et sim...

Alex Guillaume

December 22, 2017

It takes a village to raise a company

Dear friends,Four years ago I was an independent reporter working for several leading Canadian and international media companies — and I was frustrated. I dreamt of having the time to uncover important truths rather than chase the same old stories that everybody else was chasing. I wanted to serve diverse audiences rather than advertisers, to measure my success in impact instead of clicks.

Erin Millar

December 20, 2017

One week left to become an owner of Discourse

Hear from some of our staff and supporters about w...

Erin Millar

December 18, 2017

The final countdown is on!

The final countdown is on! Share why you are investing in the next generation of Canadian media at #OwnTheDiscourseOver the past few weeks, the Discourse Media team has been tirelessly making the case for why Canadians need to support the next generation of Canadian media — why we can’t wait for someone else to fix journalism for us.So far, nearly 160 peop...

Erin Millar

December 13, 2017

Complete your investment today and participate with a world class management team!

We are proud to announce that we are at 177% of our initial fund raising goals!Remember, CertiStay shares are RRSP and TFSA eligible.CertiStay has also received EBC tax credit status which proffers a 30% tax credit (quoting a noted local Angel Investor: “as good as cash”)to investors who are B.C. residents which is additive to the tax deduction you receive from your RRSP contribution!Pledge your investment now before the December ...


December 07, 2017

Dojo in the Media

Check out our latest News! Our co-founder Miranda winning pitch at Women in Payments: presenting Dojo at Sibos:


December 01, 2017

Complete your investment today to meet one of the most influential thinkers on media in North America

Our investment campaign is making waves: from city radio to national newspapers, Discourse’s funding model for creating a sustainable, thriving news industry is receiving attention across Canada… and beyond. That’s thanks to you.  We’ve previously shared how our close relationship with The Membership Puzzle Project is an asset to Discourse. On Thursday, December 7, Membership Puzzle Project director, esteemed media critic and NY...

Discourse Media

December 01, 2017

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