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Everything you need to know about running a successful capital raise
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Where to find your investors
Spread the word with all the right people at the right time with our Pro Tips and outreach breakdown
How to connect with investors
Check out our top 10 tips on how to run a successful raise and helpful suggestions for building traction
How to structure your capital raise
The guide walks you through the five essential steps including Setting Milestones, Burn Rate and How much you need to raise
Benefits of different types of investors
Learn to create a strategic approach to raising capital and the benefits of each type
10 Tips for a successful raise
Inside we break down DD FAQ, the top risks to focus on and how to prepare in advance
How to manage your investors post-raise
Everything from the key highlights to include, KPI's and showing how your investors can help your company grow.
Don't just take our word for it...
"When it comes to giving away equity, you really need to think about how your investors will be helpful to your business proposition and be your advocate. This FrontFundr guide is a must read for any entrepreneur who’s looking to raise capital."
- Philipp Postrehovsky, Co-Founder & COO, RentMoola
"The team is always there to answer any questions. Everyone has been super responsive and works hard to make each step happen. It is a true partnership."

- Sarah Goodman, CEO, iHeart/VitalSines Inc.
"As the CEO, everything I do has to be goal-focused. Stop what you’re doing right now. Don’t get another coffee to get through the day, download this guide, bring it with you to the coffee shop and don’t hesitate another minute to get started."
- Paul Allard, CEO, impak Finance
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