Entrepreneur FAQ

FrontFundr is positioned to help early stage and growth companies raise typically between $250,000 and $2 million. We are positioned to help companies that have exhausted early stage fundraising from family and friends, but have not reached the size to approach more traditional institutional lenders.

You will have to give up some ownership of your company if your company elects to issue shares, convertible debt or certain other kinds of security. Giving up part ownership in your company is the real draw for investors to invest in your company. On the other hand, how much control you may have to give up depends upon the number of new shares issued and will be among the matters you negotiate with new or potential investors. 

Who may buy the securities issued by your company depends on the securities regulations in the province (or other jurisdiction) where the investor lives.  Some exemptions require the investor to meet certain conditions with respect to income and assets. Other exemptions require the issuing company to make more of its financial information available. 

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