Eligibility Criteria

Entrepreneur Suite

Learn what it takes to become eligible to raise capital in Invest page.


  1. Incorporated company or registered partnership in Canada or the U.S. (public and private companies).

  2. Carrying on business in one of the following sectors: Arts and Entertainment, Energy & Environment and Technology.

  3. Raising capital through equity (common or preferred shares), debt (notes or bonds) or limited partnership units.

  4. Seeking growth capital between of $200,000 to $2,000,000. We will consider co- participating in larger scale offerings.

  5. Availability of the following corporate documents:

    • minute book;
    • articles of incorporation;
    • shareholder agreement;
    • central securities register;
    • financial statements.
  6. A business plan, including descriptions of:

    • the business, products or services;
    • market opportunity;
    • revenue model, and;
    • risk assessment.
  7. May not be an “investment fund” in the business of raising funds to invest in underlying securities, such as a mutual fund, trust or mortgage investment corporation.

If you meet the eligibility criteria and are looking to raise capital, please e-mail application@frontfundr.com

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