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 The Green Moustache

Nutrition Education and Healthy Food for All

The life-giving purpose of nutritious food has been forgotten and we are all suffering as result. 

Our vision is to bring a nutritional renaissance to humanity: reduce chronic disease by 50% while making our presence on Earth sustainable.

We operate restaurants, run a retreat centre, offer nutrition consulting, and author books & online education.

The modern-day food supply system is built for high volume, convenience, and low cost. While this scarcity-oriented mandate was appropriate during WWII, it needs some updating. People eat for momentary enjoyment and to get "full" - not nourished. Being physically stuffed with substances does not mean your body is getting what it needs. The symptoms of chronic diseases are treated with pharmaceuticals and other chemicals. This formula is a disaster. 

 - 1 in 2 Canadians are diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. 

 - 1 in 4 people are living with a chronic disease. 

 - Industrial agriculture and aquaculture are the leading contributors to global climate change. 

Over 90% of diseases are preventable and even reversible through simple lifestyle changes around lifestyle and environment1. No drugs or products required.

Over the past three generations, agriculture, food processors and retail organizations have hijacked the food narrative in the interest of growing the bottom line and knowingly ignored rational calls for a better way. 

  • How many food slogans and jingles have you memorized over the years? Do you think they influenced your habits? Absolutely. Were they crafted with your health in mind? Not likely. "50% less harmful" than what you have been selling to me for my whole life? Ads targeting kids? Feeling a lack of trust?

  • Pharm Res. 2008. Epub 2008 Jul 15. "Cancer is a preventable disease that requires major lifestyle changes." Anand P1, Kunnumakkara AB, Sundaram C, Harikumar KB, Tharakan ST, Lai OS, Sung B, Aggarwal BB.

Increased consumption of plant-based foods provides the nutrients needed to thrive while decreasing the environmental impact of feeding humans.

Re-education and critical thought must be applied to how we grow and consume food.

At The Green Moustache, we support evidence-based approaches to agriculture, food distribution, and food preparation. People have been trained to eat packaged products since birth, and there is a lack of nutrition knowledge amongst consumers, businesses and health practitioners. Changing personal habits is hard, changing business practices is hard, changing the system is hard. In fact, under our Richer Health brand, we have offered nutrition consulting to clients with chronic disease for 10 years.

Our Approach: Motivate through Personal Inspiration and Building Community


Nicolette Richer opened the first Green Moustache Organic Café five years ago to provide her clients with an accessible way to eat truly healthy food. She had been consulting with people who had been diagnosed with chronic diseases for years - using plant-powered nutrition to reverse disease. Providing delicious and nutritious fresh food to neighbors has become a thriving business.

Putting our customers' health first is central to our mission, our marketing, and our operations. Our "Why Choose Green Mo'" checklist campaign summarizes the choices we have made for the benefit of our customers and the environment. This approach underpins our commitment to nutrition education and sustainable practices.

Some may call it walking the talk, others authenticity. We feel that if one knows better, one should act accordingly. We are not a “concept” chain or fad-brand manufactured to grab customers’ attention and convince them to frequent our cafés. 

Organic food is higher in nutritional value and better for the environment. We are 100% organic. End of story.

Processed food is created for shelf-life, transportability, and cost. Make a health claim about one ingredient in the box, but still pack the box with fillers and preservatives? Those priorities are clear.

Use some local ingredients, then prepare with oil, butter, salt, and added sugar? Not us. 

People have been personally motivated to shift to eating more plant-based food for a variety of reasons. In some cases it is a personal or family health crisis, for others, it is illness prevention or performance enhancement, while some are looking to be more impactful in their health-related profession. Since the motivation to change manifests uniquely for everyone, so we offer a variety of points of connection in the communities we support. 

Since the motivation to change manifests uniquely for everyone, we offer a variety of points of connection in the communities we support.  Our neighbourhood cafés offer the service of making truly nutritious food easily available while providing an approachable environment for building a community around health and sustainability. Our expanding online education offers accessible training on nutrition and the healing power of food. Our nutrition and detox coach training and consulting provides the opportunity for one-on-one engagement and addressing health challenges holistically. Our wellness center hosts healing retreats and coaches training. Our new vending machine program and wholesale operation extend the reach of our nutritious food offerings to more people in more locations. 

* We need your help for this next step, read on (the other activities are all live)

Awareness of how nutrition impacts health is on the rise. Canadians have been increasing organic grocery purchases by almost 10% a year for the past five years, while restaurants are seeing food preferences swing to plant-based. Various world governments are changing policies to encourage plant-centric diets. For these reasons, we believe our future is bright.

This is where we need your help:

We have a dream our getting healthy food into every hospital, clinic and wellness center in Canada. Our next big step is to open a Commissary Kitchen to supply our vending machines, wholesale & catering customers, and hospitals. We need this scale to support the continuous volume that hospitals need. We will also use the funds to enhance our online education programs to reach more people, and more internal infrastructure to continue to open franchise restaurants in select neighbourhoods in Canada.

Meet the Team
Nicolette Richer
CEO & Founder
Pierre Richer
Cofounder and Director of Operations
Geoff Telfer
Chief Strategy Officer
Hayley Ingman
Corporate Operations Manager
Nicole Nauss
Marketing & Admin Assistant
Marie-Lynn Tremblay
Richer Health Wellness Centre Director of Operations

The Green Mo' Team

December 10, 2018

Watch Our Vancouver Panel Discussion & Investor Pitch Recording Online

To all the lovely people who attended our Vancouver panel discussion + Q&A, thank you for sharing your evening with us! We had a great time discussing barriers to healthy eating with Jordan and Kate; enjoying some delicious Green Moustache snacks; presenting our investment opportunity and answering your thoughtful questions. We hope you enjoyed your evening as much as we did.

For those who were unable to attend, or for attendees in need of a refresher, recordings of the panel discussion and investor pitch are now available on our YouTube channel. Listen in and let us know if you have any questions - either via email,, or by booking a phone call with our team

Make sure to stay tuned for some Facebook videos coming soon over the next few weeks! We will feature topics such as what it means to invest in our company, what fresh food really looks like, our vending machine program, our team and more. Let us know if you would like to request a topic! 

The Green Moustache Team

November 20, 2018

Vancouver Panel Discussion + Q&A

Join The Green Moustache Team on Thursday, November 29th for a fun evening featuring a thought-provoking panel discussion about overcoming obstacles to healthy eating, Green Moustache snacks, and of course everything you need to know about investing in The Green Moustache!

Where: Soundhouse Studios, 33 W. 8th Ave., Vancouver B.C.

When: Thursday, Nov. 29th, 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Please RSVP

Panel speakers:

- Nicolette Richer - Founder and CEO of The Green Moustache Organic Cafés, Richer Health Consulting and Richer Health Retreat Centre. Author of the newly released book ‘Eat Real to Heal’ and founder of the Sea to Sky Thrivers charity. Nicolette’s life work is to remind you that your body is naturally designed to heal itself.

- Jordan Bruce - a Holistic Nutritionist and Live Blood Analyst whose mission is to inspire clients to live a happy and healthy life filled with nature, laughter, great people, movement and delicious plant-based food.

- Kate Horsman - a Holistic Nutritionist and food counsellor passionate about helping people discover the power of food and its key to wellness in a happy, meaningful and healthy life.

This is a great opportunity to have a face to face discussion with The Green Moustache team. Please feel free to invite any family, friends or colleagues who might be interested in learning more about our company and helping us grow our impact by making an investment.

Tickets are free but please RSVP. Space is limited so please get your tickets early.

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Our Offering

We're offering common, non-voting class C shares of 1114792 BC LTD (dba Green Moustache Holdings) for $7.13 per share.

Minimum purchase of 71 shares per investors.

Green Moustache Holdings includes the following subsidiaries:

1. Green Moustache Juice (100% ownership)

2. Green Moustache Licensing (100% ownership)

3. Richer Health Consulting (97% ownership)

4. Richer Heath Retreat Centre (100% ownership)

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