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Quidni Estate Winery is a fully functioning winery located in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, specifically on the Naramata Bench, widely revered as one of the best wine regions in all of Canada.  The winery has been operating for over a year and in that time has been making great strides in wine production and sales distribution. 

The winery includes three acres of 5-year-old vines planted which include 6 varietals: Gewürztraminer, Viognier, Pinot Gris, Merlot, Cab Franc and Syrah.  We also have a number of vineyards under contract to ensure we enough fruit.

Our building includes 3 elegant guest rooms which we book out through the season.  Our guest rooms are ranked #2 on Trip Advisor for specialty lodging in Penticton.  On the main floor, we have 2 tasting rooms, one for drop in traffic and one for wine tour companies called our VIP room.  The bottom floor features a walk out basement where all the wine is prepared.

Quidni’s theme is “Ask yourself why not, and see where it takes you.”

Product or Service

We have created three levels of wine that each varietal will fall under. The first level is our “Why Not Series”. These will be our most affordable wines and a blend of various grapes we have available to us. The next level of wine is called our “Varietal Series”, where each wine has a distinct type of grape or grapes. This is our mid-tier wine and is priced accordingly. Our top end wine category is called our “Barrel Select Series”. 

Each of our 3 guest rooms include an ultra comfortable bed, an ensuite, a balcony, free internet and a private wine tasting for the guest.  The rooms are marketed through Expedia, Booking.com, as well as a few other travel sites.  We also take bookings directly from our website and Facebook page.

For more information about our award winning wines and #1-rated guest rooms, visit our website.



The current market for our wine has been generated from local wine tourism. The Naramata Bench area is the highest concentration of wineries in BC, and along with the gorgeous setting of the Okanagan Lake, makes it an ideal place to go for wine tourism.

Most wineries in the Okanagan area are hobby / lifestyle farms selling less than 1,000 cases. The rest are serious wineries selling about 10,000 cases, with the largest ones selling over 50,000 cases.

With Canadian wines gaining traction on the global markets, we are dealing with a very large market. We are currently focusing on Western Canada through liquor stores, restaurants, and direct-to-consumer sales. In BC, we have a market to sell at least 15,000 cases. In fact, our winemaker came from a winery that was selling 15,000 cases last year. He will help us get to that point by reaching out to restaurants and liquor stores in his existing network.


Revenue Model

This year, our revenue target is $350,000. To reach this target, we will need to achieve our sales in two distinct areas: wine (3,000 cases) and guest rooms (420 room nights this year), both of which feed off of each other. When someone stays in our guest rooms, they will likely buy a significant amount of wine, because of their connection and proximity to the winery.  When someone buys wine at our location, they are typically interested in staying overnight at the winery.

Our wine is produced onsite with either grapes that were grown on our estate, or grapes we have contracted through a local vineyard. Our wines are VQA certified, meaning our grapes are grown in BC.

Our costs of the wine include the fruit, bottles, and labelling.  We sell our wines through our front door, and are just beginning to sell in restaurants and liquor stores.  We are exploring online memberships as well as corporate sales.

Our guest rooms are offered on top travel sites, such as TripAdvisor, and booked through our system. With our high TripAdvisor rating and winery exposure, we are often fully booked.


Use of Proceeds

All proceeds of the $150,000 will be used to expand the winery threefold:

  • Winery equipment ($50,000) – We are currently able to produce 2500 cases at our winery. Our plan is to purchase more tanks for fermentation and storage, as well as barrels and other equipment. 
  • Hire more great staff ($80,000) – Our existing team is working hard to produce and sell 3000 cases. We will need to expand the team to increase production and sales.
  • Increase the number of sales channels ($20,000) – We are increasing the number of restaurants, liquor stores, and other venues, daily, but we are also looking for other distribution methods, such as direct-to-consumer and exports.


Exit Strategy

At any point in time after three years, investors are able to exit the company in a number of ways: hang onto their shares, sell them back to the winery, or convert them to common shares.


Investment Highlights

  • Capital raised in previous rounds: None
  • Maximum current raise: $150,000
  • Minimum current raise: $50,000
  • Target raise: $100,000
  • Pre-money valuation: $3,000,000
  • Equity offered (target raise): 3% (after conversion to common shares)
  • Equity offered (maximum raise): 5% (after conversion to common shares)
  • Offering (unit) type: Preferred Shares
  • Price per unit: $10.00/share
  • 6% dividend (At management's discretion)

Other Rights Attached to Preferred Shares:

We have set-up a Preferred Shareholder perk program. Depending on how much a Preferred Shareholder invests (under the Start-Up Crowdfunding exemption, Accredited Investor exemption, and Close Personal Friends. Family and Business Associates exemptions) they will be entitled to receive additional benefits. Please see page 6 of the 45-535 Startup Crowdfunding Offering document for more.



How long have you been operating?

We took over a winery that was operating for about three years. This is our second year of operation, meaning our vineyard has 5-year-old vines.


Why did we go with Crowdfunding and not more conventional means, such as the bank?

We always want to dare to be a bit different. Instead of going to the bank for some expansion capital, we decided to do a crowdfunding campaign to allow people to be part of the Quidni story. That way, investors all over the world can share their Quidni story with their friends and family to further connect people with the winery.


What wines do you produce?

Each year is a little bit different. This year, we have our Why Not White and Why Not Red blends along with our Riesling, Viognier, Gewürztraminer, and Pinot Noir. Our specialty wines include a Port, Sparking Rosé, and our Old Cicero.

Meet the Team
Marty Gunderson
Todd Moore
General Manager
Ema Bandol
Wine Shop Manager
Dustin Legacy
Assistant Winemaker and Hotelier
Jacqueline Wong

Quidni Estate Winery

January 11, 2017

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