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The idea for a swimwear line was born on that surf trip, but we really had no idea where it would take us. Research lead to real glaring problems with body image and portrayal, the fashion industry environmental impacts as a whole and the lack of something that actually looked good, stayed on and accommodated all types of bodies.

Most modern swimwear has its focus on the "perfect" body lying perfectly still. You don't have to look very far to see the current gap in the market. It is obvious in the way that established swimwear brands portray women, and it is glaring in the deficiencies of the products that they sell. The goal at PARC swimwear is to bridge these gaps.

Our solution was to create a swimwear line that tackled each of these issues. We manufacture in north america, are transitioning to recycled polyester fabrics, create designs that function and are multi-use, feature everyday women in our media and tell their stories and also support our community of young women by partnering with youth charities.







It is our mission to portray women as they really are. Passionate, Adventurous, Resilient and Creative. PARC Swimwear is about empowering women to get outside and go after it. Whether your passion is paddling, surfing or swinging from vines, we hope to provide you with stylish, comfortable, well made wear that makes you love how you feel so you can do what you love.

We want to exist in world where women value their bodies just as they are. To not let insecurities and main stream media tell women that they are not worthy if they do not look like the "societal norm". We want women to embrace where they are in their lives and with their bodies. PARC is made for all women and ALL women deserve to enjoy their lives and their bodies in whatever way that means for them. Our goal is to be just a small part in making you get out there and enjoy what this beautiful world has to offer.


We designed swimwear that would actually stay on, look great and is multi-functional. These are suits that can get you from the surf, to yoga to a run and in your everyday.

In our design process we wanted to break the norm of sizing compared to average swim brands, which typically fit very small. We keep our sizing more realistic for a women over the age of 25, so that these women aren't trying on a medium that really fits like an extra small.

We also reflect a variety of cuts and fits in our styles for different body types and we plan to expand on this as we continue to grow.

PARC currently offers 3 top and 3 bottom styles, in 3 colour ways and 3 sizes.

The tops are retail priced at $125 CAD and bottoms are $115 CAD

PARC sells direct to consumers via pop-up shops and an online store as well as stockists in Canada and the U.S.


When we think about sustainability and the problems facing our planet, it only made sense for us to push even further with what we could do and our SS19 line, and future lines. This means pieces that are functional for swim, at home, the gym, chasing around your kids, yoga and the list goes on. We also use colour pallets that transition from season to season. This allows for less waste from both our manufacturing and retail stores as we are able to carry over colours and styles for seasons and introduce new colours and styles at a responsible rate. We steer away from the fast fashion trends.

More functionality means more value for our customers, less waste and less resource consumption.


We are fighting in this industry for a better future in both environmental impact and in the way women are portrayed in media, especially in swimwear. If you're passionate about pushing this industry to change then we hope you will join us. We've only been at this for just over a year and the feedback for this has been huge. We need your support to help us become an industry player for positive change that we know we can be.

This campaign is to allow us to grow and reach more likeminded women. We want to tell their stories, and passions and together build our community of inspiring women. This opportunity allows you to actually own real equity in a business that aligns with your values and will be a champion for women.

 As a thank you we've offered some unique incentives and opportunities below



We wanted our brand and marketing to represent the women that we embody PARC and to share their stories. These women are up to some pretty amazing things and we feature them regularly in our blog features. We wanted to create more of a story behind just "looking good" in some swimwear and we wanted to represent these ladies (and their bodies) just as they are.

 The women of PARC are aged 20-40. They look to support local business and ethically made products. They value the environment, their community and are aware of global issues. These women are outdoor enthusiasts who partake in sports such as: surfing, paddle boarding, kayaking, yoga and hiking. They desire products that are made of high quality materials and understand the value in slow fashion. These women want to have an connection with a like-minded community and a cause, knowing that their purchase funds initiates they believe in.


Estimated to be a 3 billion dollar industry by 2021

“The swimwear market remains challenging for brands and businesses who have focused primarily on competing at price,” says Billabong’s Branch. “For brands that are focused on design innovation and newness, there continues to be opportunity.” - Transworld Business 2015. ”The resounding message and word on the street around swimwear these days is that it’s an unstoppable force. Not only are women adopting healthier lifestyles—think Crossfit, yoga, and bootcamps— and syncing their diets around the farm-to-table phenomena—farmers markets, detox cleanses, and juicing—but on top of all that, rocking a bikini under oversized, wide-arm tanks and beach inspired dresses has reached critical mass popularity and the trend isn’t going away anytime soon. This trifecta is fuelling the fire behind start-ups and established brands within the industry, and the result is a high-stakes marketplace that is driving a higher level of innovation with design, materials, and craftsmanship." – Transworld business 2015

"The swimwear industry is dominated by the larger brands such as Billabong, Roxy and O'neil just to name a few. But in recent years there has been a trend of smaller speciality swimwear brands coming to the market and doing very well. "We are projecting to triple our current business. This may sound like a lot, but Seea is still quite small at the moment. We’re doing our best to create the structure necessary to do this, and to grow the business in sync with the demand." - Amanda Chinchelli on her swimwear line in 2014 Transworld Business.


Our funding raise will allow us to:

- purchase bulk fabrics

- run production for our next line

- expand our size offerings

- help us reach more customers

- continue to run production and product development


Within the next 2 years:

- work with our designs to better improve usability and cost factors in manufacturing, transition to recycled fabrics, get on the B2B buying schedule, production growth moving from 300 units to 1000+ units, reach more influencers and brand representatives to help grow the presence and mission of the brand.

Within the next 2-4 years:

- approach large chain B2B accounts within Canada, approach more US based B2B accounts, add more designs and colour ways, attend US trade show, production growth to 3,000+ units, invest more into our online presence and online sales shop to drive direct sales, focus our online marketing directives to specific platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest using more data from the first few years.

Within the next 4-6 years:

- continue to expand our international reach, production growth to 5,000+ units, add more designs and colour ways, introduce some simple basics, continue to focus more into our online presence and online sales shop driving direct sales, continue our marketing initiatives on online platforms and through brand representatives.


we've got big goals and dreams!

We plan to always operate within our values, but see ourselves in the future as a well recognized international brand catering to women. This will include expansion on our swim lines for size and style offerings, introduce youth and littles as well as responsible clothing basics and intimates.

We also plan to expand our reach into our communities and support this growing network of women. This will include partnering with our current youth charity to offer girls surf camps as well as retreats for women.

We really see our communities and brand coming together to support one another for a positive future.


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