Our Home & Miniature Land

Successfully Funded!

completed of $500,000 143%
Campaign Closed
Get Rewards in Addition to Shares in the Company!
See documents below for the full perks terms and conditions.
Level 1 - Trapper
10 VIP Tickets + Pre-Opening VIP Sneak Preview + 3D Printed 1-inch "mini-me" placed in our miniature Canada
Level 2A - Fisher
Level 1 Perks +10 more VIP Tickets + 3D printed 5-inch "mini-me" sent to you
Level 2B - Fisher
Level 2A Perks + run your train in our world
Level 3 - Prospector
Level 2B Perks + 3D 5-inch "mini-me" in our Builder’s Circle lobby display + VIP invite x2 to Grand Opening
Level 4 - Logger
Level 3 Perks + Lifetime VIP Passport + Guest + Private Tour for 4 with Founders
Level 5 - Farmer
Level 3 Perks + Lifetime VIP Family Passport for 6 + Private Tour & Reception for 12 with Founders
Level 6 - Mountie
Level 5 Perks + Special Access to Facility + Your Home or Office Built in our world

He shoots, he scores!

We've hit our financing campaign goal!

Our campaign has achieved a first close of $661,500, +32% vs. our goal.  A "BIG" thanks to our 63 FrontFundr investors who made this happen!

We're excited to announce that we have re-opened our campaign, with an extended closing date of September 15, 2018. Thank you to the investors who have already signed up during this extension period.

There's still time to join our team and own a little piece of the country you love. Initiate your investment now or give us a call to talk about it.

Canada's Vast Beauty & Diversity, Under 

One Roof

Join us in building a magical journey of discovery across Canada in miniature... Toronto's next big attraction. 

Canada is a vast country of natural beauty and cultural diversity.  So vast that some would say it's impossible to experience in a lifetime.  Our vision is to bring all of Canada just a little bit closer, to build a place where people can see and experience our glorious country from coast to coast to coast, in an afternoon.

Our Inspiration

Canada's vast natural beauty and diversity

Our Attraction

A miniature adventure from coast to coast to coast

To be located in downtown Toronto and opened in 2019, Our Home & Miniature Land is a unique indoor entertainment attraction that taps into the universal fascination we have with miniaturizing our known world, and celebrates the natural beauty and cultural diversity of this great country.  It will be an immersive journey of discovery through an animated, miniaturized Canada,  all under one roof.


Toronto - An Attractive Market

Toronto is a big and growing market of residents and tourists, a perfect combination for a new attraction.  The fourth largest city in North America is home to 7 million residents, and attracts 27 million tourists a year.  Visitor spending in Toronto reached a record $8.8 billion in 2017, +47% since 2012, according to Tourism Toronto, while the number of visitors to Toronto rose +17% in the same period.

The Attractions Business

It's all about the experience 

The Attractions business is booming in Toronto.  From the CN Tower’s Edgewalk to Ripley’s Aquarium, which is rated the #1 thing to do in Toronto on TripAdvisor.  From Legoland Discovery Centre to the ROM’s Friday Night Live, which attracts 3,500 people a night and boasts being "Toronto's biggest Friday night party".  People are flocking to attractions that offer immersive hands-on experiences.

Proof-of-Concept:   A Growing Global Phenomenon

First-to-Market in Canada with a unique, highly appealing attraction

There is a growing global trend in the attractions business - vast, indoor, animated miniature worlds. Miniatur Wunderland, a 70,000 square foot indoor miniature world, opened in Hamburg, Germany, in 2001.  Miniatur Wunderland has grown every year since launch, and attracted 1.4 million visitors in 2017.  Miniatur Wunderland is rated the #1 “thing to do” in all of Germany on TripAdvisor, and was named the #1 tourist attraction in Germany in 2017, in a survey completed by Tourism Germany of over 16,000 respondents.  Comments on TripAdvisor range from “You will fall in love with it.  I am sure about it!” to “This will blow your mind”.

Inspired by the launch of Miniatur Wunderland, a number of other successful indoor miniature world attractions have opened across Europe.  Grand Maket Russia opened in St. Petersburg in 2012, had an estimated 550,000 visitors last year, and is ranked #9 out of 1,857 things to do in St. Petersburg, with a stellar 4.8/5.0 rating on TripAdvisor.   Mini World Lyon opened in Lyon France, in 2016, attracted 200,000 visitors in its first year, and is ranked #10 out of 230 things to do in Lyon, on TripAdvisor.

The first North American indoor animated miniature world, Gulliver’s Gate, opened the doors to its 50,000 square foot attraction in New York City’s Times Square in May 2017, with an investment of US$40 million.  Gulliver's Gate has received strong initial consumer reviews, with a TripAdvisor rating of 4.5 out of 5.0 - the same rating as Ripley's Aquarium, the #1 rated attraction in Toronto.

The indoor miniature world attraction trend continues around the world.  Merlin Entertainment, the #2 attractions player behind Disney, opened Little Big City Berlin in July 2017, and has announced the opening of Little Big City Beijing in 2018.  The Extreme Model Railroad and Contemporary Architecture Museum (EMRCA), led by Thomas Krens and to be housed in a Frank Gehry designed building, is proposed for opening in North Adams, Massachusetts in 2020.  And Small Worlds Inc. has announced that they are developing two attractions, inspired by Mini World Lyon, for Okinawa, in 2020, and for Tokyo, in 2022.

Our Home & Miniature Land

At Our Home & Miniature Land, we are building a unique and immersive miniature world experience for our guests that is unlike anything they have ever seen.  We are combining the 19th century crafts of model railways, dollhouse-making and model ship building with the 21st century technologies of autonomous driving cars, miniature lighting, theatrical sound design, video projection, 3D printing and augmented reality.

The founders of Our Home & Miniature Land have established a talented team of model makers and miniature world builders, and have invested $5.0 million and 75,000 hours to create a pilot site of two initial destinations, Toronto and the Golden Horseshoe, and a third destination-in-construction, Ottawa.

For launch, the team will create a journey through 12,000 square feet of miniature Canada, with 6 destinations to explore, from a uniquely Canadian border experience at Niagara Falls, to a trip through the bustling and vibrant communities of Southern Ontario.  From an adventure to The North, with its crisp, cold and startlingly beautiful northern lights and arctic terrain, to a journey through the old world charm of la belle province, Quebec.  And finally, a stop in Canada's capital, Ottawa, and a celebration of our nation.   Guests can also enjoy experiences like 3D scanning and "mini-me" printing, a workshop visit, behind the scenes tours, a gift shop, and maybe even a miniature Canada themed restaurant - mini poutine or beaver tails, anyone?  We will invest 180,000 hours in total to get to launch.  And we won't stop there. We'll start building our 7th destination right away, for guests to see and learn about.

Our pilot site already contains 600+ buildings, 5,000ft of railway track, and a custom autonomous car control system with 50+ self-driving cars.  A Toronto skyline lit by 30,000 LED lights and a 14-foot CN Tower.  Our 401 highway will be the busiest in the miniature world, with self-driving cars zipping past.   And we’re well on our way to completing our miniature version of the nation’s capital, Ottawa, complete with majestic Parliament Hill.


The Golden Horseshoe & Southern Ontario

Canada's Capital, Ottawa

Small World, Big Media

Our Home & Miniature Land has generated over 30 media stories and counting, including 2-3 minute segments on 3 national networks - CTV news, Global news and TVO - in the lead-up to Canada's 150th birthday.  Our attraction taps into a passion for Canada that many people share, and we anticipate that the significant interest we've received will increase as we get closer to a launch date.

The Math - Small is Big

The math in the attractions industry is a simple formula....

We’re creating an immersive experience that will attract tourists and residents, adults and children, business people and students alike. We will open our attraction in a downtown Toronto location, starting with 6 Canadian miniature destinations to explore.  And we’ll launch a new destination every other year, to attract 500,000 visitors per year.  Our revenue will come from admissions, 3D printed and miniature gifts, food and beverage, and corporate and social events.  This is a place where people will want to celebrate special occasions.

Own a little piece of the country you love

When you invest in Our Home & Miniature Land, you’re helping to build a vast country attraction that’s small enough for everyone to visit. Your investment will help us to complete our next three destinations - Niagara Falls, Quebec City and The North, and open to the public in a downtown Toronto location in 2019.

Our Canada Builder Perks Program

In addition to owning shares in the Company, you will be invited to enjoy the perks of our Canada Builders.  We’ll 3D shrink you, or whomever you'd like, and place you anywhere you'd like in our miniature Canada.  Your 3D mini-me can also be a part of our Canada Builders Circle, displayed proudly in our lobby and on our website.

Act fast and as our gift to you, receive a little piece of our miniature Canada,

The first two hundred investors, at any level, will receive a limited edition Our Home & Miniature Land fully lit “fishbowl” city bus, miniature-sized of course.

Investors will also receive special access to our facility, in the form of VIP tickets, yearly passports, lifetime citizenships, and even special tours and parties.  

See our comprehensive perks packages below.

Join us to build an attraction that will be a wonder-filled celebration of Canada. An experience that all residents and visitors can have and share.

For informational purposes only. Details for this offering may be found in the Offering Memorandum for this issuance.

Meet the Team
Our Team
A Dedicated & Talented Team of Architects, Designers, Technicians, Artists and Engineers
Jean-Louis Brenninkmeijer
Revenue Protection Inspector (& President)
David MacLean
Superintendent of Physical Plant (& Vice-President Contruction)
John Phillipson
Chief Boilerman & Stoker (& Vice-President Business Development)
FrontFundr Forum
May 17, 2018 12:00 PM
The event happened 5 months ago.

Our Home & Miniature Land

August 02, 2018

Our Home & Miniature Land closes first round of external fundraising
Hello everyone,

I’d like to share with you some exciting news - we closed our first round of external financing this week. We have exceeded our first close campaign objectives, and we have welcomed 98 investors to our team, including our lead investor, Canso Investment Counsel Ltd.
“Canso Investment Counsel Ltd. is happy to be a partner in this uniquely Canadian investment opportunity,” says John Carswell, founder and President. “The opportunity to build a legacy of Canada for hundreds of thousands of people to experience each year, and to participate in a highly attractive investment at the same time, proved to be an irresistible combination for us”.This is a big milestone for us. We now have a large and growing community of investors who share our vision for this uniquely Canadian experience that we’re building. And we are now in a position to secure a location in the heart of downtown Toronto and lock in a launch date in early 2020.

In this journey of turning our vision into a reality, Dave, John, Bill and I have had the pleasure of meeting with many of you (and we look forward to the opportunity of meeting the rest of you). I’d like to thank each of you now, for your encouragement, guidance and support - these have been instrumental in securing this round of financing.
You can view the official press release announcing our first round of financing below.

Stay tuned! We will be sharing more news as we gear up our development for launch.

Jean-Louis Brenninkmeijer - Founder & President

Our Home & Miniature Land

August 02, 2018

It's Canada Day, and WE LOVE CANADA!

It's Canada Day, and WE LOVE CANADA!

It’s no secret that we love Canada. It’s instilled in our vision of creating a magical journey of discovery through Canada in miniature. Ask most people what they think about Canada and you’ll hear: hockey, free health care, and maybe Celine Dion, and we’re proud of that but it only scratches the surface. We’re a country of natural beauty, four glorious seasons, friendliness and diversity so it’s no wonder we’re ranked 2nd in the world on U.S. News & World Report's Best Countries list. This Canada Day, and every day after, we are proud to express our love to the best country in the world. And no, we’re not sorry about that! 

Happy Canada Day from all of us!

Our Home & Miniature Land

July 30, 2018

Moses Znaimer’s IdeaCity | 3 Days of Unique and Fascinating

Moses Znaimer’s IdeaCity | 3 Days of Unique and Fascinating

Like the saying goes - you need to see it to believe it.  Last month we welcomed media icon, Moses Znaimer to our pilot site to experience our miniature Canada in person.  An experience that Moses referred to as ‘irresistible’, and that compelled him to invite us to share our work at his upcoming IdeaCity conference.  Listen to the talk we gave about “Building Canada in Miniature”… 


During the three-day event, our modelling team transformed the front lawn of our miniature Parliament Hill into a spectacular Canada Day celebration, with fireworks, a stage and hundreds of miniature Canadians sporting their red and white. Each day IdeaCity guests wandered over to peek into the magic being created and see what new details had been added.


Our Home & Miniature Land

May 24, 2018

2 more days left to own a little piece of this country you love!

Two days left in our campaign and we've just hit our $500,000 goal!  A BIG thanks to all of you who have climbed aboard!  For those who haven't invested with us yet, don't let that stop you.  Two more days to get on the bus and help us build Canada in miniature. 🇨🇦️❤️ #beapartofsomethingsmall

Our Home & Miniature Land

May 17, 2018

Only 9 days left to be a part of something small!

So much of Canada to build, so little time! 9 days left to invest in our company and own a little piece of the country you love. Don’t miss out on being part of Toronto’s next big attraction. But don’t take our word for it. This guest reactions clip says it all. Pop in on our FrontFundr webinar today at 3pm EST. You won’t regret it, eh?  #beapartofsomethingsmall

Register here: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_HAVZe9oLRJ2CNLwxqPHYdQ

Our Home & Miniature Land

May 11, 2018

What's the big fuss about? Its our May 17 Webinar mini pitch!

What’s the big fuss about?  It’s our mini-pitch webinar!  Come join the crowd, hear our 5 minute investment pitch and ask us your questions, big or small.  

We’re part of FrontFundr’s Canadian Startups Webinar, next Thursday, May 17, at 3:00pm EST, joining three other Canadian start-ups - LiveCare, Green Mountain Health Alliance, and Squire Mortgage Investment Council.  Come join in,, and be a part of something small.

Click here to register - https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_HAVZe9oLRJ2CNLwxqPHYdQ

Our Home & Miniature Land

May 04, 2018

Mini Monthly Round-Up | May

Happy Miniature Tulip Season, Canada!

This month, we’ve been sowing more seeds to grow Toronto’s next big attraction!  Our small investor campaign went live on April 12th, we hosted our first-ever corporate event, and we transformed our Ottawa destination into a twinkling, moving metropolis.

The team worked zealously to prepare our Ottawa destination for the many investors and guests who have crossed through our miniature border this month. Our autonomous car system is up and running in Ottawa, The National Gallery of Canada is complete, and the last piece of our Chateau Laurier was cut this week. Hooray!

We even included a little homage to one of Stephen King’s classic novels in the hallway of our Chateau Laurier, endorsed by the author himself with a retweet, which you can see here.  A huge thank-you to the original tweeter, Linwood Barclay, one of our biggest supporters AND an internationally acclaimed author in his own right.

Scroll down for more on the events from this past month.

FrontFundr Investor Campaign | Whoa, We’re Halfway There! 

We’re off to a strong start after the first three weeks of our small investor campaign, with $253,500 of our $500,000 investment objective achieved, and an additional $135,000 pledged as of today.  We’d like to thank all of the investors who have joined our team of Canada-builders.  We’re inspired by your passion and your shared belief in our vision. 

For others who have an interest in investing with us but may be in need of a little nudge, our campaign runs until end of May, and our first 200 investors receive a special gift – a limited edition Our Home & Miniature Land city bus – along with many other perks.  So hop on the bus with the rest of us to take advantage of our $2 per share offer. 

Investor Open House April 21 | Seeing is Believing

We’ve always said “you need to see it to believe it”, so with the launch of our small investor campaign we held our first Investor Open House at our pilot warehouse on Saturday, April 21.  We hosted over 100 potential investors and their families and friends, who came along for a sneak peek and test-drive of our three pilot destinations. Our Open House included a tour of our miniature Toronto, Golden Horseshoe and Ottawa, and one-on-one discussions with Jean-Louis, Dave and John and members of our build team about our investment opportunity.  We collected 36 surveys from this event, and this potential investor group rated our attraction experience 4.7 out of 5.0, on average, and gave us some very helpful feedback.  Thanks to everyone who came out to meet with us. 

Check out more photos here!

A Milestone | Our First Hosted Corporate Event

We can add a new milestone to our list of ‘firsts’! On April 12th we hosted our first-ever corporate event of over 200 guests for Isherwood Geostructural Engineers’ 45th anniversary.  Corporate events will make up a big part of our business when we open to the public, but as we’re currently in construction mode, we thank Isherwood for their courage in betting on our ability to create a magical venue for their event.

Keep reading here!

Ottawa-tonomous Car System Test Run

It may seem like magic makes the wheels of our miniature cars turn, but there is a method to the madness of these tiny spinning wheels. Stan, Norm and James, our in-house Vehicle Ops specialists, have adapted software from a system originally developed by Danish company Games On Track. Our team has managed to make the vehicles of our miniature streets behave in an eerily life-like way. So much so that you might be fooled into thinking a real mini-person is actually behind the wheel!

Watch the cars in action here!

Keep reading here!

The National Gallery of Canada, Now a Miniature Masterpiece

In last month’s Round-Up we sent out a little tease about the build of The National Gallery of Canada. We now have more photos to share of the competed structure!  Check them out below.

From photography to sculptures, paintings and drawings, The National Gallery of Canada, that has been referred to as "celebration of light",  houses the most renowned Collections of Indigenous, Canadian and European art in Canada. The structure was designed by Moshe Safdie, an architect who is recognized for such works as the Habitat 67 housing complex in Montreal and Vancouver Library Square.

With rooms, corridors, ceilings and lighting in place, all we need now is the beautiful art installations to fill the walls and spaces, and tiny gallery-goers to cram the rooms of our exhibits.  Stay tuned!

Our Home & Miniature Land

May 04, 2018

🎶Whoa! We're Halfway There! 🎶

We’re off to a strong start after the first three weeks of our small investor campaign, with $253,500 of our $500,000 investment objective achieved, and an additional $135,000 pledged as of today.  We’d like to thank all of our FrontFundr investors who have joined our team of Canada-builders - thank-you!  We’re inspired by your passion and your shared belief in our vision. 

For others who have an interest in investing with us but may be in need of a little nudge, our campaign runs until end of May, and our first 200 investors receive a special gift – a limited edition Our Home & Miniature Land city bus – along with many other perks.  So hop on the bus with the rest of us to take advantage of our $2 per share offer. #beapartofsomethingsmall #ilovecanada

Our Home & Miniature Land

April 24, 2018

A BIG thank you!

A BIG thank you to everyone who came to our Investor Open House this past weekend and for getting us off to a great start on our small investor campaign. We currently have $81,500 of our investment complete and $99,000 in the processing stage. The momentum has been great and we're excited for what lies ahead. Check out photos from the afternoon below! 

Our Home & Miniature Land

April 19, 2018

Investor Open House

Come see what all the fuss is about this Saturday, April 21st from 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. at our Investor Open House.  Join us for an afternoon of snacks and refreshments as we take you on a special sneak peek tour of our miniature Canada attraction. Find us at 400 Britannia Rd. E Unit 3. Please send us an email at info@minaitureland.ca to confirm your spot.

See you there!

Our Home & Miniature Land

April 13, 2018

Investor Open House - Rescheduled to Saturday, April 21

Our Investor Open House has been re-scheduled from tomorrow to next Saturday, April 21, 11am-2pm, due to the extreme weather warning for the area on April 14.  We hope you can join us next Saturday.  Please RSVP to info@miniatureland.ca to reserve your spot.


April 10, 2018

Our Home & Miniature Land is Launching in Less than 3 Days



Great news! Our Home & Miniature Land is officially launching their campaign in less than two days!

Make sure you're as ready as they are and complete your profile on FrontFundr. 

Complete My Profile

If you have any questions, please reply to this email. We are here to help.Join the Revolution

Best regards,


FrontFundr Support



Our Home & Miniature Land

April 06, 2018

Hello to Our Home & Miniature Land's FrontFundr community

We have some BIG news! We're officially GOING LIVE with our FrontFundr small investor campaign on April 11th. Starting next Wednesday, you can invest with us to help us build our miniature Canada attraction and own a little piece of this country you love. 

Jean-Louis Brenninkmeijer

April 06, 2018

Hello to Our Home & Miniature Land's FrontFundr community

You may have seen the BIG news this week of our FrontFundr campaign April 11 Go Live date.   I'd like to thank you for your continuing interest in our company.  I'd also like to personally invite each of you out to our April 14 Investor Open House at our pilot warehouse in Mississauga.  Dave, John and I would love to meet you, to take you on a tour of our miniature-Canada-in-the-making, and to discuss our investment opportunity and your questions.  

Our pilot warehouse will be in sparkling shape for an investor open house, as we'll be coming off our first ever hosted corporate event of 300 guests, and our world will be lit and draped to give a good sense of what our ultimate experience will be.  We expect corporate events to be a big part of our business, and we can't wait to share our first experience here with you.

Please RSVP to me at info@miniatureland.ca, and I'll send you a note back to confirm your reservation.

I hope to see you there.


Jean-Louis Brenninkmeijer

Our Home & Miniature Land

April 04, 2018

Connecting Syrian Refugee families to their new country in a small way

Last month we had the opportunity to work with the Together Project, an inspiring initiative that helps refugee families adjust to living in Canada. We invited a group of 20 Syrian refugees and their host families for a private tour around our growing miniature Canada.  Their reactions were inspiring:

From Heba, young mother

“My favourite thing is autumn in Southern Ontario.”

“So that’s what Canada’s Parliament Buildings look like!”

From Sary, young teen

[my favourite feature of OHML was] “Getting to see my city in a bird’s eye view”

From Manal, mother of teens

“It’s very professional work and a lot of details.  If I think about it my head will hurt me,”

It was a delight to see the excitement on the children’s faces as they explored all the itty-bitty corners of our miniature Canada – the moving bicycles by Parliament Hill were a big hit.  This visit has helped us to see a big opportunity to connect new Canadians to their new country and new neighbours through Our Home & Miniature Land.  

Our Home & Miniature Land

April 04, 2018

CHCH Morning Live – Need for miniature speed!

We’re thrilled that we continue to attract attention from media. Last month we hosted Lesley Stewart from CHCH Morning Live for an interactive behind-the-scenes look into the build of Our Home & Miniature Land.  Half a million broadcast and on-line viewers saw our own Dave MacLean demonstrate for Lesley the laser cutting technology that we use to build our highly detailed buildings and landscapes.  Lesley also got behind the wheel (well, she grabbed the remote control) of one of our tiny autonomous cars and drove up to, and almost into, Union Station.  Fast forward to minute 3:20 in the attached link to witness the action! The crew also got a lesson in the tender loving care that goes into making our miniature green grass grow, as demo’d by Dan, our Bonsai Chef. Thanks to Lesley, Micheal and Don at CHCH Morning Live for a great visit, and to our OHML team for a great set-up and delivery.

Our Home & Miniature Land

April 04, 2018

“Big” investor news in the land of the tiny

Our New Year’s resolution to secure investment to launch just got a big boost.  We’re thrilled to announce an investor group out of Richmond Hill as our first “big” investor.  Through our early meetings with this group, it quickly became apparent that we shared a passion for capturing the vast beauty and diversity of Canada, and bringing it a little bit closer.  The investor group did their homework, sending crack-investigative-teams of families and young adults to our pilot site to test the appeal of our attraction.  We’re happy to have passed that test – including a 4.7 out of 5.0 “rate this attraction” score on the surveys they completed – and more importantly, to partner with a new investor who is as excited as we are about the potential of Our Home & Miniature Land.

Our Home & Miniature Land

April 04, 2018

This Valentine's Day reserve your spot on the "Canada Love Bus"

Love-of-country is in the air this Valentines Day, a perfect time to reserve your investment in Our Home & Miniature Land on FrontFundr. And it's a perfect time because our Go LIVE date is just around the corner. For as little as $1,000, you can buy shares in Our Home & Miniature Land at the same price as our “big” investors. And it’s a straightforward process with FrontFundr, a Canadian company who is enabling small investors to invest in companies they believe in. 

Our Home & Miniature Land

February 21, 2018

Celebrating Canada's 150th birthday...in miniature

To all of our friends,

On this, the eve of Canada’s 150th birthday, we at Our Home &Miniature Land would like to offer you a very miniature celebration of our vast and wonderful country!

To start, we thought it fitting to share with you a time-lapse creation of our Centre Block on Parliament Hill, which will be the centre piece of our Ottawa region exhibit.  We’ve captured a few hours of installation in 30 seconds, so watch carefully, and enjoy!

Next, we offer you a peak at our latest developments at OurHome & Miniature Land, through a CTV National News story that ran last week-end.  See a preview of the animated features we’re developing - our Toronto skyline at night, lit up by 30,000 LED lights, our miniature driver-less cars zipping along the 401 highway, and a player skate-around at our Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre. 

Our Home & Miniature Land

February 21, 2018

Own a Little Piece of the Country You Love

Own a Little Piece of the Country You Love

Become a miniature Canada Builder with our small investor platform!

We’re excited to announce that today we’re kicking off our small investor campaign!

We want to offer Canadians, who share our passion for this amazing place, the opportunity to be a part of our story, to own a little piece of the country they love. When you invest you're helping to build an experience of Canada's vast and diverse beauty that is small enough for everyone to visit: Canadians and tourists, adults and schoolchildren alike.

As a miniature Canada Builder, you'll receive special access to OurHome &MiniatureLand including sneak previews, VIP tickets and life-time citizenships. And you can become a part of our Builders Circle, with a 3D version of yourself standing tall and proud, at around 5 inches, in our lobby and on our website.

Join us in building an exciting new legacy of Canada, a miniature journey of discovery and delight from coast to coast to coast. Click the button below for more details on how you can reserve your investment to own a little piece of the country you love.

Our Home & Miniature Land

February 21, 2018

Big news from miniature Canada

Check our our new concept video and join the journey in building Canada in miniature!

Our Home & Miniature Land

February 21, 2018

Be a part of something small

This month we were happy to host our honourable Members of Parliament, Arif Virani, MP for Parkdale-High Park, and Pam Damoff, MP for Oakville-Burlington North, at our freshly festive Pop-Up store on Queen Street West.   We took the opportunity to scan Arif and Pam while they were at Selftraits.  And we just got their 'mini-me's' in! Hey Arif and Pam, now we just have to decide where you want your mini-me placed!   

Our Home & Miniature Land

February 21, 2018

Three's Company!

We’re excited to announce that our third Parliament building, West Block, is complete! West Block joins Centre Block and East Block to stand tall and proud on our miniature Parliament Hill. Our modellers Mark, Tyler and Camille teamed up to put 2,500 hours of work in to this majestic trio, and we think it shows.

Our Home & Miniature Land

November 21, 2017

Stop by to get yourself scanned, printed and placed in our growing miniature Canada!

Thank you Pam Damoff for the visit yesterday, it was a blast! We hope you enjoyed getting yourself miniaturized. We're hosting our next info session this Wednesday, November 22 at 6:15 p.m. at Selftraits @ 545 Queen St. W. Stop by to get yourself scanned, printed and placed in our growing miniature Canada!

RSVP here! https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/investor-drop-in-tickets-395581…

Our Home & Miniature Land

November 08, 2017

Mini Monthly Round-Up | November

Happy November to you all!

It’s been a busy one at Our Home & Miniature Land as we continue construction on our Ottawa destination. Along with the build, we’ve been busy at our Pop-Up shop at 545 Queen St. W in Toronto, which is the hub for our small investor campaign, and our first Investor Drop-In information session last week. In addition, we launched our new concept video and hosted a group of grade nine students for Take Your Kids To Work Day. It sure has been a busy one! Click here to continue reading our monthly update. 

Our Home & Miniature Land

November 08, 2017

Investor Drop-In Nov.11 and Nov.15

Drop in after work to visit us @ our Pop-Up store at Selftraits, 545 Queen Street West in Toronto. See a sample of the miniature Canada that we’re building, partake in some Canadian snacks and refreshments, and talk with us - Jean-Louis, Dave and John - about our business plan and the opportunity for you to invest and own a piece of this great country of ours, in miniature.

Get your ticket here: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/investor-drop-in-tickets-39558102349

90 total, 30 anonymous
Bob MacLean
Sebastian V Pereira
Xander Baur Paul Patenaude
Malbert Lozagar
John Coleman
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As an exempt market dealer, Silver Maple can trade and underwrite exempt market securities. Exempt market securities are risky investments and you could lose all the money you invest in such securities.
In general, investment products sold in the exempt market are considered high risk because:
  1. They are not covered by deposit or investor protection insurance;
  2. Regulators do not review offering memoranda for completeness;
  3. Private issuers are not subject to the same ongoing disclosure obligations as reporting issuers;
  4. Private issuers may inadvertently, or advertently, refrain from providing an investor or a registered dealer, all the information required to make an informed investment decision.
  5. Many exempt products are not as liquid as publicly-traded securities and you may be restricted in your ability to sell or transfer these securities; and
  6. Exempt products are often subject to a greater degree of “key person” risk than more widely held securities.
  7. There can be no assurances that an investment will maintain its net acquisition value or produce any projected income or capital return. Investment values change frequently and past performances may not be repeated.
  8. Using borrowed money to finance the purchase of securities involves greater risk than a purchase using cash resources. If you borrow money to purchase securities, your responsibility to repay the loan and pay interest as required by its terms remains the same even if the value of the securities purchased declines. See “use of borrowed funds”.
The risks highlighted above are not conclusive. Risk disclosures specific for each offering are reviewed by SMV and are presented within an issuer’s profile page on the platform and within the offering memorandum or other offering documents for the issuance. Offering documents and the risks associated with the securities of an issuer contained therein should be reviewed thoroughly by an investor or an investor’s professional advisors before making an investment.
This web site is for general information only and is not intended to provide personalized advice, including investment, financial, legal, accounting or tax advice. FrontFundr will assess your suitability to invest in the products offered on its platform.
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