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MedWorxs is a privately-held international leader in inpatient and ambulatory software solutions. Our cloud based technology is modern in design, delivering the right features for medical organizations. We meet the requirements for multiple facility settings and specialties. Whether it’s our Federally Certified Facility based Health Records, Practice Management, Federally certified Physician’s Office Electronic Health Records or our award winning Revenue Cycle Management, we can provide the right solutions. 

These solutions are proven and a strong foundation for future acquisition conversions.


The objective of MedWorxs is to grow rapidly through focused, targeted acquisitions of quality businesses with built in recurring revenue returning strong valuations to our shareholders.

Quality acquisition targets within the US are abundant. We are searching for capital to close these deals while the consolidation is occurring.

MedWorxs has the systems, infrastructure and team to continue our acquisition strategy. Through a very solid, proven model we are poised for continue revenue expansion.


  • MedWorxs has been profitable since it was founded 16 years ago
  • Strong recurring revenue model with very high predictability
  • Experienced, progressive, proven management team
  • Proven growth strategy. Five acquisitions completed and successfully integrated
  • Base of acquisition targets to drive further growth is large
  • Three additional acquisition deals negotiated. Due diligence process has begun, Letters of intent signed and in hand
  • De-risked because team has in house tech, own our datacenter, software systems and infrastructure,
  • Our performance generates 20x lifetime customer value relative acquisition costs is dramatically better than traditional organic Saas Growth
  • Business Development capability with proven track record!



  • All proceeds will be      strictly used to continue our acquisition strategy with an ultimate goal      of raising $1 million for phase 1. Please reference the term sheet for      greater detail



Our solutions have been specifically designed with the healthcare organization in mind. Ease of use, simple to learn and manage. We meet the requirements for multiple Inpatient settings and specialties, whether it’s our Fully Certified Inpatient Health Records, Practice Management, Fully certified Ambulatory Electronic Health Records or our award winning Revenue Cycle Management. We can provide the right solutions.

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MedWorxs Inc

Term Sheet 

Common Stock Offering 

September 5, 2018

This Term Sheet represents the current understanding of the parties with respect to certain of the major issues relating to the proposed private offering and does not constitute a legally binding agreement. Except for this summary does not constitute a legally binding obligation. Any other legally binding obligation will only be made pursuant to definitive agreements to be negotiated and executed by the parties. This Term Sheet does not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy securities in any jurisdiction where the offer or sale is not permitted. 

*All currency in Canadian Dollars


MedWorxs Inc (the “Company”)

Type of Security: 

Common Stock

Pre-Money Valuation:


Offering Size: 

The Company intends to raise as much as $1,000,000   in this offering, although the Company may increase or decrease this amount   in its sole discretion. 

Price Per Share: 

$0.05 per share

Minimum Investment: 

$1,000 (may be waived by the Company in its sole   discretion)

Shares Authorized to be sold in this Offering:



When, as and if declared by the Board.The Company has not paid dividends in the   past and does not currently contemplate that it will pay dividends in the   future.

Voting Rights: 

All shares have the same voting rights.

Investor Eligibility: 

Accredited Investors” only. 


The Company will provide additional information upon   request. 


One or more closings as the Company accepts   subscriptions. 

Use of Proceeds: 

Working capital; proceeds will be immediately   available to the Company. 

Subscription Procedure: 

Investors must   execute a Common Stock Purchase Agreement, which will include a right of   first refusal agreement in favor of the Company on any proposed transfers of   Common Stock purchased in the offering.

Amount RaisedPercent of Equity OfferedPost-money ValuationPre-Money Valuation
$1,000,000 12%$8,500,000 $7,500,000 
$250,000 3%$7,750,000 $7,500,000 
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