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The vision to create the bank of tomorrow, together.

Our vision is to create the first bank in Canada that will grant 100% of its loans to profitable businesses that make a positive social and environmental impact.


Some have dreamed it. We are doing it.

The impak Finance team is working to create a true “VALUE BANK”. As a fully digital/mobile bank we will harness the power of (fintech) financial technology to improve efficiency, reduce operating costs and provide quality service to Canadians seeking return and purpose.

We dream of financing a profitable economy that generates a positive social and environmental impact. We are real people who want to make a positive contribution to address the social and environmental issues of today and tomorrow.



Because we believe that a responsible, transparent and collaborative bank has a place in the Canadian economic landscape. Together, we can help make our world a more just, greener and more equitable place. PEOPLE, PLANET, PROFIT- THE TRIPLE BOTTOM LINE OF THE 21ST CENTURY.


Like you, we want to change the world.

impak Finance wants to do its part by connecting savers and investors who dream of a better world with entrepreneurs and businesses who are making lasting change.


Do you know what your bank does with your money?

Neither do we. Which is why we have imagined a collaborative, transparent financial ecosystem where YOU choose where your savings go, benefitting the responsible businesses of your choice.

Banks are an incredible tool for creating value for our society. Your bank creates money by multiplying deposits tenfold to finance businesses. We want to take a fresh approach to banking by using this multiplier effect to support projects you care about.

Product and Services

A digital, online bank. As with traditional banks, anyone can open an account, get a mortgage or invest with impak Bank. Where we differ is in our unique algorithm that qualifies impact projects and manages risk. All banks have the same decision-support algorithm based on financial viability, but ours takes into account the business in its environment, considering its financial impact along with its social and environmental impact. 


A two-phase project

  1. The impak Fund: an online impact investment fund

    With our online, collaborative financial ecosystem, we will initially launch an impact investment fund. Our 100% digital and mobile platform will enable anyone to invest in impact bonds. The money from this fund will finance profitable, responsible businesses through loans.

    This initial version of our platform will form the foundation of the IMPAK collaborative financial ecosystem.

    GOAL for the online launch: end of 2017
  2. The impak Bank: a responsible bank dedicated to the impact economy

    Next we will create the first responsible Canadian bank dedicated to the impact economy. impak Bank will use its money for profitable projects that have a positive impact on society and the environment. And it will allow everyone to be an actor in their financial ecosystem.

    GOAL for the online public opening: end of 2018



The impak Finance Business Model

impak Finance held workshops to get community input on its business model. These workshops helped us refine our offer to meet the needs of Canadians.

Our business model transforms capital inputs – such as the skills and entrepreneurship of the people within our organization and money from customers – via our products and services, into value outputs – such as making a positive contribution to the development of a healthy society.

To make this financially viable, we will offer savers fair interest rates and aim for reasonable long-term returns for investors both in our funds and in impak Bank. We will use these deposits to lend to sustainable entrepreneurs working in the real economy, so that they can make a real impact.

We will use deposits to grant loans rather than borrowing money from other banks. And we will aim to achieve a healthy balance between loans and deposits so we’re able to mobilize as much of our deposits as possible. We will also maintain healthy levels of capital, above regulatory requirements. This will make us more resilient in the long term. 


At the crossroads of three rapidly growing sectors


By enabling individuals and businesses to participate responsibly in their financial ecosystem, impak Finance is at the crossroads of three rapidly growing sectors in the world, and in Canada in particular.


  1. The collaborative economy: 

    According to a recent study by PricewaterhouseCoopers, the collaborative economy reached $15 billion in 2014 and will exceed $335 billion in 2025.

  2. The explosion of financial technologies (Fintech):

    According to an Accenture report published in April 2016, “The so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution is a global phenomenon that brings new innovation and digital companies that compete and collaborate with traditional financial services. Bank customers stand to gain from this.”

    Fintech investments in Canada increased from $3 billion in 2013 to $6.8 billion in 2014 and will reach $6.8 billion in 2018.
  3. Impact investment:

    According to JP Morgan and the GIIN (Global Impact Investing Network), this sector reached $60 billion in 2015. They believe it will exceed $500 billion in the next 10 years.


Exit Strategy

According to our business plan, our goal is to create a buyer/seller market where you can sell your shares.


Investment Highlights

  • Capital raised in previous rounds: $509,000
  • Current Target Raise: $500,000
  • Maximum current raise: $5,000,000
  • Minimum current raise: $500,000
  • Pre-money valuation: $7,500,000
  • Equity offered (target raise): 6.25%
  • Equity offered (maximum raise): 40%
  • Offering type: Common Shares (with Voting Trust Agreement)
  • Price per share: $1.00



Why should you invest in impak Finance?

Because it’s SIGNIFICANT — Act concretely and significantly in creating a bank dedicated to the positive impact economy.

Because it’s PROFITABLE — Enjoy a unique opportunity to become a shareholder from the get go and benefit from value creation over time.

Because it’s for the COMMUNITY — Become involved in a community central to the bank’s creation.


Is impak Finance a good investment opportunity?

It’s taking advantage of the collision of 3 major trends! Beyond its responsible mission, impak Finance’s business plan reaches 3 fast-growing sectors in the world, and particularly in Canada:

  • The Collaborative Economy:

According to a recent study by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), the collaborative economy reached $ 15 billion in 2014, and will exceed $ 335 billion in 2025.

  • Emerging Financial Technologies (finetch):

According to a report published by Accenture (April 2016), "The so-called ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ is a global phenomenon that brings new innovation and digital companies that compete and collaborate with traditional financial services. Bank customers stand to gain from this.Fintech investments in Canada increased from $ 3 billion in 2013 to $ 6.8 billion in 2014, and will reach $ 6.8 billion in 2018.

  • The Impact Investment Opportunity

According to JP Morgan and the GIIN (Global Impact Investing Network), this sector had reached $ 60 billion in 2015. They believe it will exceed $ 500 billion in the next 10 years.


What does being a shareholder mean?

As an impak Finance shareholder, you become a company owner along with other shareholders.


When will I make back my investment?

All of the shares that are being issued pursuant to the current private placement offering are restricted and cannot be sold, transferred or assigned except in accordance with available exemptions under applicable Canadian provincial securities laws. As per impak Finance’s business plan, we intend to work with registered exempt market dealers to set up an exempt market in the future where a shareholder may have the ability to sell their shares. While there is no guarantee that such an exempt market will develop, this approach is inspired by Triodos, a successful responsible bank based in Europe. As for determining the share value: impak Finance intends to work with an independent valuator in order to set the market price of the shares every quarter. impak Finance believes that this will prevent speculation and ensure greater price stability and transparency.


Can a share lose value?

The share value depends on impak Finance’s performance so it will vary. The value may be higher or lower than the initial purchase  price. In a nutshell: shares involve a high level of risk, particularly for companies at the early stage of development such as Impak Finance.


What’s the advantage of investing today?

Subscribing for shares in impak Finance today may mean sustaining a higher risk than investors who choose to fund our development in the future. However, this risk has an upside: the share value may also increase  in the early years of a company such as impak Finance if we are successful in building our business. While there can never be a guarantee of returns, as an early stage investor you may realize a gain  when selling your shares.


Meet the Team
Vikash Jain
Financial Designer
Kosta Kostic
Senior Legal Counsel
Armen Ouzounian
Banking Ecosystem Architect
Andy Krupski
Trust Marketing Officer
Stephane Dumont
Chief Story-Doing Officer
Jean Oulhen
Banking Ecosystem Architect
Benoît Salvas
Chief Analysis & Investment
Philippe Gablain
Experience Maker
Jean-François Pelland
Senior Legal Counsel
Bill Young
Lou Odette
Marguerite Mendell
Assaf Weisz
Laure Waridel
Pierre Valentin


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