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Dave Coolidge

July 11, 2018

World Renowned Doctor, Published Author and Educator Joins Green Mountain Health Alliance

We are pleased to announce Dr Rahim Valani, as a valuable addition to our Medical Advisory Board. Dr. Valani brings to the table vast experience in the areas of medicine, education, and business. Dr Valani, a recognized change-agent in the field of medicine, is known for raising the bar on quality in healthcare systems across the globe. He will bring his research and scholarly talent to the company to enable appropriate medical cannabinoid therapy based on strains, dosing, and delivery methods. 

We are pleased to announce that Dr Rahim Valani has chosen the Green Mountain Health Alliance team," said Wade Attwood, President, Co-Founder, and Director of Green Mountain. "His combination of both experience and education in medicine, healthcare, and business is highly valued, and we are pleased to work with him going forward."

Valani states, “It is an honour to join Green Mountain Health Alliance and work alongside a talented team committed to the long-term health and well-being of Canadians. By leveraging our collective experiences, we can embrace the diversity that fuels our nation and focus on the unique needs of individuals and communities to responsibly build ecosystems of support.

Dr Rahim Valani has been practising emergency medicine in some of Canada’s busiest emergency departments for over 18 years. Through his positions with St. Joseph’s Health Centre (Toronto), Brampton Civic Hospital and Hamilton Health Sciences, Dr Valani has led teams to respond to the changing needs of patients, communities, and the healthcare system. A recognized change agent, he has worked locally, nationally and internationally to learn, research, design and lead improvements to the delivery of emergency medicine as well as the supporting systems, structures, and processes. His innovative approaches have helped to relieve some of the significant pressures faced by our healthcare systems while concurrently raising the bar on quality to ensure Ontarians receive exceptional and timely care. Dr Valani has worked with teams across Canada and around the globe to facilitate knowledge exchanges and collaborated on the development of the first international standards for pediatric emergency medicine.

Throughout his career, Dr Valani has been committed to developing future leaders and supporting individuals and teams to achieve their full potential. This passion led him to the positions of associate professor with the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine and assistant professor with McMaster University where he received several accolades including the award for teaching excellence for contributions to the Emergency Medicine program.
Dr Valani received his Doctor of Medicine from Queen’s University, a Masters in Medical Education from the University of Dundee, Scotland, and a Master’s in Business Administration with a specialization in operations and strategy from the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania. An accomplished researcher and author, Dr Valani work has been published in several peer-review journals, and he is the editor of three books, including Canada's first book dedicated to pediatric emergency medicine, Essentials of Pediatric Emergency Medicine (2018).  Dr Valani is a highly respected speaker and is frequently sought to present at national and international conferences.

Please join me in welcoming Dr Valani to the team.

Green Mountain Health Alliance Ltd.

July 09, 2018

Green Mountain adds experienced cannabis business leader to management team

We are pleased to announce, Alison Ruks, BM, CPHR, has joined Green Mountain as Senior Vice President.

Ruks brings extensive strategic leadership and business experience to the company, with a strong background in cannabis and natural health industries. She previously held a senior level management position in a public cannabis company and was a key member in launching a successful multi-million dollar Regulation A crowdfunding campaign.

See our website for the full press release

Green Mountain Health Alliance

May 31, 2018

Webinar with Salil Dhaumya, CFO of Green Mountain

Just a reminder of the upcoming webinar with Salil. He will give a  short presentation and then follow up questions today at 12 noon MST. Register for the webinar at >

Green Mountain Health Alliance

May 16, 2018

CFO, Salil Dhaumya is interviewed by Stock News Now

Stock News Now interviewed Salil Dhaumya, CFO of Green Mountain Health Alliance at the Microcap conference in Vegas.

Salil will also be taking part in FrontFundr's online forum May, 17th if you would like to hear more about the company, register here for the forum.

There are still a few spots left for our investor event in Calgary, on Tuesday, please register here.

Green Mountain Health Alliance

April 18, 2018

Green Mountain Announces Chief Clinical Affairs Officer

Green Mountain Health Alliance Ltd. Announces Chief Clinical Affairs Officer

Penticton, British Columbia--(Newsfile Corp. - April 16, 2018) - Green Mountain Health Alliance Ltd. ("Green Mountain" or the "Company") the large-scale, low-cost, quality cannabis wholesaler announces Marisa Cornacchia BA, RN, COHN(C), DOHS, MBA, DOMP, as Chief Clinical Affairs Officer.

Cornacchia brings a strong clinical and business background in the cannabis industry to the company. She has previously held senior positions in two cannabis companies, including being part of the team to bring a cannabis organization public. 

"We are pleased to welcome Ms. Cornacchia to Green Mountain," said Wade Attwood, President, Co-Founder and Director of Green Mountain. "Marisa's expertise in strain identification and experience in developing coordinated care programs is invaluable to Green Mountain. Working with end users to identify effective strains is critical to anticipating consumer demands for our wholesale products."

Cornacchia responded, "I am invested in the future of Green Mountain. The company's greenhouse growing model will produce premium cannabis using full spectrum light and energy in its natural cycle to develop a plant with higher concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes while reducing the carbon footprint of the industry. ; The product will be as natural as possible. The natural growth cycle plays an important role in the development of cannabinoids, terpenes and overall potency which is an important factor for the medical user who is looking for standard dosing, Having met the whole team I am confident that Green Mountain can deliver the large-scale quality product that is needed."

Cornacchia is a practicing nurse and osteopath who has focused on pain management and complex disease care, with a specific focus on addressing natural medicine versus opioid use. She has developed a coordinated care model that delivers early intervention, functional restoration and re-integration protocols. She will continue to develop this with Green Mountain. Working with Dr. Geoffrey Smith, who is on the Advisory Board of Green Mountain, and the Grower team and Quality Assurance team, will enable the company to produce the quality strains that are needed. Cornacchia's clinical work with thousands of veterans has been transformative and continues, and Green Mountain plans to work with all its partners to implement her expertise, including our Indigenous partners.

Green Mountain Health Alliance Ltd.

April 09, 2018

Green Mountain Breaks Ground on their First Location

On Friday, March 23, Green Mountain broke ground on their first location, in Penticton. The 200,000 square foot facility will be one of the biggest in the region and is part of the plan to reach 1,000,000 sf over the next 30 months. Here is a link to local media coverage, which includes Dr David Chartrand, who became a Director on Friday at the AGM, and will be working with Green Mountain on their Indigenous commitment.  

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