Full Beard Brewing Ottawa is currently in the Coming Soon Phase.
Full Beard Brewing Ottawa
We are expanding, now is your time to own a brewery!
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Food & Beverage
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RRSP/TFSA Eligible
Yes. With minimum $2,000.00 investment through Western Pacific Trust Company
Get Rewards in Addition to Shares in the Company!
Every investor will receive a sticker and coaster set and will receive a lifetime 25% discount on Full Beard Brewing merchandise.
Reserve $750
Along with with the perks from the $750 level you will receive a Full Beard Brewing T-Shirt and hat set.
Reserve $1,500
Receive perks from the two lower levels plus a hooded sweater and an invitation to the Ottawa launch party.
Reserve $3,000
Receive all the perks from the lower levels plus a Full Beard Brewing mug club membership.
Reserve $5,000