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We are opening a Craft Brewery in Vancouver BC. Our focus is to be a part of our community by providing a product and a place which speaks to Vancouver and it's hard working and hard playing individuals.  We need your help to complete the final part of our fund raising and hope you will join us as craft brewery owners and enthusiasts.


As outdoor enthusiasts, we like to get out and experience the world around us; this is the thinking behind Container Brewing. We want to give everyone the ability to enjoy great beer anywhere you go. Container will be honest, tasty and fresh, sometimes curious and different. Think of Container as your ‘reward’ beer for the hard work you’ve done.

Craft beer sales continue to increase year over year throughout Canada.  In British Columbia, craft beer sales account for roughly 25% of the market, having increased nearly 5% per year in the last 3 years. We've talked with many experts in the industry and can see that a great opportunity still exists.

Craft beer is finally starting to provide the range of selection currently available from wine and spirit producers at your local bottle shop, and beer drinkers now expect it. Private bottle shops are the first choice for a beer drinker who is looking for a well curated selection and we have already begun to build relationships with this important link.

We are working with established craft brewery experts, who are providing us with complete access to their inner-workings, along with guidance to any questions that we may have along the way. They are an integral part of our strategy to save time and money, and are invested in the business.

We are not just another brand or another label out to sell t-shirts and koozies.  We are focused on becoming an engaged member of our community.  There are many ways we aim to do this:

  • Collaborating with homebrewers on our pilot system, learning and experimenting together
  • Fundraising for charities which directly benefit the area we live in
  • Working with our brewer neighbours to build a stronger craft beer presence
  • Donating our time and energy to local causes

We believe it is the relationships which we build that will contribute to our success.


Head to any craft brewery in Metro Vancouver on any night of the week and there will be people enjoying a selection of craft beers. Go to those same spaces on a weekend and you’ll have to wait in line. Supporting local businesses, which create a level of quality unmatched by large producers, is not a fleeting trend.

Breweries along “Brewer’s Row” in Port Moody,BC (Yellow Dog, Moody Ales) are a typical example of growth, having doubled their size in less than four years. This holds true for many breweries in Metro Vancouver (eg. Dageraad, the Canadian Brewery of the Year, is a short distance away in Burnaby, BC).

Our goal is to create a gathering space which has you coming back again and again.  Not just another craft brewery warehouse or miniature tasting room, but a place you feel comfortable staying for your whole night out.  We have secured a location which has a heritage character and an abundance of natural light. This allows us to create a bright and modern west coast environment, helping to create a desirable space where you also get to support local and delicious craft beer. 

Located in East Vancouver, this is the "watering hole" you've been searching for. Situated in a brewery district, it's easy enough to take transit or cycle while we will also having ample parking available. Providing some different spaces for different moods, it will be lively but not deafening.You might call this place your second home, we hope it is your first choice for a pint.


Container will provide you with great beer, anywhere, every time…because you’ve earned it.

Our customer is everyone who wants a great tasting craft beer that they can enjoy on their adventures. Our goal is to create full flavoured beers that will leave you wanting another one, whether you’re a craft beer enthusiast or a casual beer drinker. Container is not a gimmick filled brewery chasing fleeting trends.While the founders will not be the brewmasters, we do know a thing or two about making beer, having brewed award winning beers entered into home brewing competitions in the lower mainland.

A dedicated brewmaster has been hired. Tim understands the equipment and demands for production brewing, and we will help to provide direction to keep the beers on brand to our target market. Tim's passion for craft beer is discovered quickly in any conversation you have with him. His creativity and attention to detail will be an integral part of everything we produce.

The knowledge and support from our relationship with the founders of an established local craft brewery, will also allow us to collaborate and help each other understand new processes and opportunities.


Co-founded by Terry Brown and Dan Webster, friends of over 30 years, Container is their passion project.

Avid homebrewers for years, we have decided that now is the right time to turn our passion into something meaningful for the community in which we work and play.

This isn’t our first foray at a business together, having started a successful bicycle repair business as young entrepreneurs. Learning how to run a business then, and growing our passion for bicycles allowed us to join a respected bicycle shop where we continued to grow. Eventually becoming managers, while also pursuing a higher education, we learned about the responsibilities and values associated with operating a small business.

These experiences have influenced our outlook on employment ever since. Respect and fairness to staff and business partners will be the cornerstone of Container. It will be a friendly atmosphere for both employees and patrons, a place where hard work pays off and is rewarded, a place where sustainability is always top of mind, resulting in a business that is truly a part of the community.


We have secured a mixture of debt and equity financing , but need your help to get us to the finish line (and on to the next start line!)  We're 94% of the way there, so don't have far to go.  Our key milestones include:

  • 10 year lease secured on a location
  • deposits have been placed on key equipment
  • beers are being brewed for recipe development
  • a head brewer with great experience has joined the team
  • brand development and awareness is in motion
  • approval for debt financing has been secured

social media, looking good!

November 2018, we will be working inside our new home and begin renovating the physical brewery.  Our current goals and timeline will see us open our doors to the public in Q2 of 2019.  It's tough to predict an exact date just yet, but having beer flowing for summer 2019 is what we hope to accomplish.


Dan & Terry

Meet the Team
Terry Brown
Dan Webster
Tim Juul
Head Brewer
Brendan van den Bosch
Creative Director
John Pickersgill
Business Advisor
Mike Poznanski
Dan Helmer
Industry Consultant
Andrew MacRae

Container Brewing

October 08, 2018

Brewery Update 1.5

Loans, AIP and FrontFundr

So much happening in the top collage!

Fresh start, fresh hops!! Still brewing test batches.
What a great office view. Terry's down to one job; good choice, no one's judging 
;) Thanks for your interest in all of the exciting things we're up to. One easy thing you can do to help us is to keep spreading the word by encouraging your network to follow along - maybe forward them this FrontFundr Campaign page?

The Banks Really Do Love Us

Well, it's official: Container Brewing Ltd. can now go into debt! That sounds scary, but it's a good thing. Both financial institutions that we've been working with have now approved our loans. We've done the easy part and signed them, but there's still a few key things we need to do to satisfy our end of the deal.

AIP is a TLA, so WGF? You should, it's a BFD!

What does AIP stand for and why is this important?

A is for "approval".

I is for "in".

And P stands for "principle".

This is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle and comes from the Provincial Liquor & Cannabis Regulation Branch. We now have the major approval to be allowed to manufacture beer in the province of British Columbia. Now it's time to get building a brewery!



No, there isn't a spelling mistake there - this is web 2.0 stuff! Kind of Like Containr Brewng.....

We have had amazing success through conversations with our friends and family in raising funds for our private equity component. Even with all of the incredible support, we anticipated and prepared for there being be a gap. We now know just how close we are and we are ready to introduce the final component that will get us to our goal.

We have been working with a group here in Vancouver called FrontFundr, who offer a crowdfunding platform to allow companies to raise funds for their venture. They have had great success with many different types of companies, helping them raise the equity investment they need to create their businesses. We are looking for a smaller raise than most of the other companies currently using this type of platform. By using Frontfundr we are able to offer smaller investments into the brewery for individuals who don't have as much money to invest but are still looking to support us on this adventure. For a lot of people we've spoken too, the timing just wasn't right for them at a higher investment level. We hope that this will encourage them be a part of our business as well as open the possibility to a new audience.

Check out our campaign page by clicking here to learn more, and reserve your shares before they're all gone. 

Container Brewing

August 27, 2018

Brewery Update 1.4

Keeping you updated, one email at a time....

Planning, Financing & Hiring


We're excited to officially introduce ourselves to you, as we've been trying to control the timing up until now. Say hello to our founders: Terry and Dan.

Friends for over 30 years (yes, that's us in the photo above), we're excited to use our passion for great beer to build a business for ourselves and the community we live in.  We might not ski anymore (mostly snowboarding, we still like you if you ski) but we are excited to work alongside each other on this new adventure.

Our segment is still growing

The BCLDB has released the latest quarterly results, and it's exciting to see that we are still in a growing segment!

The Micro Brew segment - where we will reside - has grown 15% in this quarter from the same quarter last year. That's great, as it continues to justify this venture we're taking on!

We have a brewer

With great excitement we are now able to announce that we have hired our Head Brewer!

Tim Juul comes to us all the way from Massachusetts, where he was the Head Brewer at Fort Hill Brewery.

Originally from Western New York, Tim has moved to Vancouver as his wife is doing a postdoctoral fellowship at UBC in math!

Tim calls himself the "head stainless steel cleaning engineer/yeast feeder/concrete floor cleaner" so, he knows what's up.

Some of his favourite brews are as follows: 33 Acres of Sunshine, Strathcona N.E. IPA, Crooked Stave Petite Rose', Crooked Stave Saint Bretta, Hill Farmstead Anna, Hill Farmstead Florence, Founder's KBS and Hansen's Oude Gueze.

With an impressive mechanical focussed resume pre-brewing, we are sure Tim will be extremely valuable to us in building out the brewery. He's also a former motocross racer, and knows how to make his own biodiesel!

Funding Update

We have made it to another milestone with the financial institutions we're working with, as our applications have now been moved on to the underwriters for approval! This is a pretty huge step, and we're excited to continue working with our contacts there as they have been nothing but excellent.

With respect to our private equity raise, yet another huge milestone has been reached as we are now over 50% funded! We have around 30% additionally committed from folks we've already met with who we know are busy, and are just working through the paperwork. We are confident that we will be able to close the remaining 20% by way of a number of methods before we "need" the money.

Getting Equipped

We have been working, and negotiating, with Newlands Systems (NSI) in Abbotsford to finalize our largest equipment purchase; the brewhouse, cellaring tanks and associated grain handling systems.

A 20HL, 2 vessel system has been selected, along with four 40HL unitanks (for fermentation) and three 40HL bright beer tanks for cellaring. We have also opted to install four 10HL conditioning tanks which will reside in the cold room for serving beer through the tasting lounge.

We are beyond excited to have NSI be our provider for these pieces of equipment as they are considered to be one of the best vendors in the world for brewing equipment, and their service and support is touted as being top notch.

 - Container Brewing

Container Brewing

July 18, 2018

Brewery Update 1.3


Planning & Financing

Our conversations with the banks continue, and everything is moving ahead. We've been told that we're able to receive about 20% more than we had originally budgeted which is fantastic!

This news changes nothing for us or our investors with respect to the total raise required, and the corresponding valuation. What it does mean is that we're going to be offering less private equity, so if you're still interested, please let us know before there's none left!

Plans are shaping up.

A couple of weeks ago we met with The City to discuss our application for a Development Permit (or DP as it's called in the biz). This is the approval process that we need to have in order to be able to build out the tasting lounge where you'll come and enjoy all of our hard work.

As of now our DP application was accepted! Our architects (SUA) were able to put together these (click) drawings which reflect the overall intent. This is essentially what we will be working towards creating in the coming months.

The concept drawings above were done before we sat down with SUA to come up with layout plans for the DP, but they should help provide a sense of look and feel which we have in mind.

We hope you like it.

Collaboration is the key

We have been invited to brew a collaboration beer with an up and coming brewery, and we're hopeful to be able to find the time to do it. If things go to plan it could happen as soon as next month, and be ready for consumption come mid-August. It would be canned and then available in stores!

Stay tuned as this evolves as we'll likely have a 'brew party' the night that we brew, and it would be great to see you there.

Commence hiring!

We've posted an ad on the website/forum for professional brewers a couple of weeks ago in search of our head brewer, and have been inundated with applications from all over the world! Some very exciting candidates have reached out and we've begun having interviews.

This is likely the most important hire for us, so we're not going to take it lightly, nor make any quick/rash decisions. We are looking for someone who wants to stick with us for the long haul and help grow the business. So far, that's what these people are saying they're keen to sign up for, so it's looking promising!

Container Brewing

June 16, 2018

Brewery Update 1.2

The loop...

..keeping you in it.

Thanks for your continued interest in what we're up to!! We hope that you're finding these updates informative. Don't hesitate to reply, we see everyone, and would value your feedback.

Now, on with the news.

More beer!

We've once again used the canning system at Moody Ales to put more beer in containers to take along to our investor meetings. This time we've packaged what we're calling the 40 Footer IPA. It has already found it's way into the hands of some influential social media types, and the reviews are coming in very positive. Examples of said posts are the photos above.

Incorporation information.

WHOA! It's officially official, we are Container Brewing Ltd. With this little bit of process out of the way a whole whack of new things open up that we can - and need - to do, including setting up and registering for our EBC account. This is nearly done and should be ready for investment dollars as early as next week.

The shareholder agreements are coming along, and should also be ready very soon. Knowing this, if we've met with you to talk about investing, we've made some updates to the Information Memorandum - please go have a look. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

One of the most exciting updates has to do with a new perk for the $50k level: whisky! We've been making friends with a local distiller and have plans to produce a whisky by distilling one of our beer recipes. Some of those bottles will be pulled out of the 'big batch' that we'll be selling to the general population, and will be an additional perk for investors at the $50k and above levels.

The buildout begins.

The architects are officially signed up - Simcic + Uhrich Architects are on board to help us bring this dream to a reality, and the work starts NOW!  They have experience navigating the bureaucracy associated with permitting for over 10 breweries.

We have our first major meeting with the City of Vancouver scheduled for later this month, so the team is hard at work putting together the drawings and supporting documents that are needed to make that meeting run along smoothly.

This will be the first of many meetings with the City as there are a number of permits we need to get lined up in order to be able to get to work once we take possession. We're doing our research and gathering as much intel as we can to stay ahead of the curve.

Also, we wrote a little article (click here) on our take on the "State of the Industry" that you might find interesting. Feel free to share it too!


- Container Brewing

Container Brewing

May 16, 2018

Brewery Update 1.1

Just a little update.

Nothing major, but still...

Social is loving us.

We've been featured lately on a couple of influential Instagram pages, which is exciting!

Check out the post by @crafttourist here (click) and we were reposted by @bccraftbreweries here (click) too.

With very little emphasis yet put on social, and marketing in general, we are now over 200 Instagram followers; that's pretty awesome! If you're not already following us, why not? Head (click) here and give us a follow.

Shareholder update.

Tomorrow morning we're meeting with our attorney to finalize the structure of the company and draw up the shareholder agreements.

In a similar vein, the bank is asking us for a list of committed parties - not their funds, per se - to submit for legal background checks. It's very much a chicken and an egg scenario as they aren't able to let us know exactly how much they'll be able to lend us until we are able to share with them how much private equity we've been able to raise. So, expect to be hearing from us for a bit more firm commitment if you've expressed that level of interest!

FYI we've also come across information that indicates you can invest in private companies (like us) with RRSP funds, with NO penalty!! Check out this article, and discuss it with your financial advisor.

Some stats and news.

The most recent BCLDB Liquor Market Review indicates that the total beer market is up +2.5% Q4/Q4, with BC Micro Brew (where Container Brewing will reside) being up some +20% Y/Y. US Imports took a huge hit.

9 BC breweries win at the World Beer Cup! There's a little footnote near the end of the video too that speaks to our investment thesis that there's room to grow. The button below will take you to the video. 

Global News Video on BC Craft Brewing

Container Brewing

April 30, 2018

Brewery Update 1.0

Please, contain your enthusiasm.


We're excited to share with you...

We've been brewing.

Over the past couple of weeks, we've been brewing like crazy! We're busy developing our core beers and also finding seasonal selections along the way. Selections that we have available right now include:

  • A dry stout with a touch of west coast inspiration
  • A refreshing Belgian ISA (in cans!)
  • Two different full bodied IPAs
  • A smooth English pale ale 

We were able to brew the Belgian ISA on the Moody Ales pilot system and filled nearly 200 cans to bring to investor meetings. We will be brewing up another pilot batch of IPA on May 12th, and should have that added to our arsenal for meetings before the end of the month.

The bank seems to like us.

Personal statement of affair documents have been filed and shared with a top tier financial institution. The initial feedback is very promising and it looks like we will be moving forward. There is even an indication that they can approve us for an increase over our initial budget. This is great news as it will help us get to our target sooner, allowing us to keep moving forward. We hope to finalize this in the coming weeks.

Home, sweet home!

Container Brewing has a home! As of November first, we will be the tenants at 1216 Franklin St, Vancouver! Hit the button below to see where that is on a map.

We will now start the process of working with the city to clear the way for construction after we take possession. As part of our lease agreement, we have negotiated a 6 month leasehold improvement period, which means that we will not start paying rent until June 2019. That doesn't mean you will have to wait until June for the doors to open, it just means we can direct our resources to all of the other important activities needed to get the doors open as soon as possible!

Thanks so much for your continued interest in what we're doing, we're super jazzed about how things are moving along.

Looking forward to sharing beers with you in the brewery, ideally as soon as Q1/19!

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Senior Debt Lender 1350,000   26%
Senior Debt Lender 2250,000   18%
Equity Raise753,754   56%
Total Capital1,353,754 

Capital to be RaisedPercent of Equity OfferedPost-Money  ValuationPre-Money Valuation
750,00027%$2,777,778 $2,027,778 
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