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ConnectedCity™ is a patent-pending, digital technology platform for democratizing and revitalizing cities and neighbourhoods. Our Mission is to drive spending locally to achieve Our Vision of economically sustainable communities. We’re inviting investors to help establish Vancouver as the most connected and efficient city for buying locally and the model for our expansion into new cities in Canada and around the world.

ConnectedCity™ solves the problem for local businesses that lack the necessary tools for connecting and selling to today’s online shoppers. Our technology gives entire neighbourhoods of businesses and shoppers a dedicated online marketplace and tools for promoting, finding and paying for local goods and services.

ConnectedCity™ enables local businesses to collaborate to promote market updates that attract shoppers onto their street and into their stores while also offering online payments for greater convenience. We believe that by working together local businesses can win the competition for local spending against the major online retailers:

Our strategic initiatives include:

  • Crowdfunding to engage Canadians as shareholders and brand champions of the ConnectedCity™ movement.
  • Establishing Kitsilano as the first connected neighbourhood in Vancouver and Vancouver as the model city for our expansion into new cities in Canada and around the world.
  • Horizontally integrating local retail markets with real estate and financial markets to drive spending and rewards programs.
  • Vertically integrating retailers with major brands to streamline marketing information promotion and inventory management.
  • Launching ConnectedCash™ digital mobile payments technology offering merchants 0% transaction fees and cash rewards programs.

Principals' accomplishments

ConnectedCity’s founder and team of advisors bring well-rounded experience working within large corporations and as owners of small businesses. The team has extensive experience in the areas of digital technology development, sales and marketing, project management, business development and financial analytics. Their dedication and desire to solve the economic struggles facing local businesses and communities drives ConnectedCity’s mission and vision.

Their accomplishments to date include:

  • Development and beta launch of ConnectedCity™ Vancouver
  • ConnectedCity™ US Patent Application and Patent Pending status
  • Development and Beta launch of ConnectedRealEstate™ technologies:
    • ConnectedLandlord™ SaaS
    • Rental Real Estate Listings Service (
  • Mobile Digital Payments Technology partnership secured


ConnectedCity™ organizes local businesses within an online network of browse-able city, community, neighbourhood and shopping category marketplaces. Businesses receive a dedicated online media channel and an integrated marketing dashboard with tools for promoting real-time information updates, products, services, events, blogs, news, videos, menus, flyers, real estate listings, jobs, and more. 

  • ConnectedMerchant™ - media channel with integrated marketing tools for merchants
  • ConnectedShopper™ - shopping management tools for shoppers to organize and follow their favourite businesses, create a custom newsfeed, claim deals or coupons, purchase products and more
  • ConnectedCash™ - mobile digital payments application for making payments, sharing cash and receiving cash rewards
  • ConnectedAutoDealer™ - media channel with integrated marketing tools for automotive dealers to promote their automobile inventory 
  • ConnectedRealEstate™ - a media channel for real estate professionals with integrated marketing tools to promote their property listings and market updates:
    • ConnectedBuilder™ - for real estate developers and custom home builders to promote their new home communities and units
    • ConnectedLandlord™ - for landlords and property managers to promote rental properties, manage tenant leads, online tenancy applications, tenant credit checks, tenancy agreements, move-in and move-out inspections, connect tenant services and communicate with tenants
    • ConnectedBroker™ - for real estate brokers to promote their real estate agents, property listings and updates
    • ConnectedAgent™ - for real estate agents to promote their property listings including open houses, new listings, sold listings and real-time updates to the people who live near their listings (see below):

Disruptive Strategy

ConnectedCity™ integrates search and social media functions to fundamentally improve how local market information is collected and shared. Our formula offers more complete and informative local search results, communication, engagement and targeting capabilities for local businesses and shoppers.

Similar to how Craigslist disrupted the local classifieds advertising market, ConnectedCity™ incorporates a spatial and categorical marketplace design and self-serve tools for promoting retail market products and services:

Local businesses broadcast awareness of their business and everything they have to offer to local shoppers:

Our strategy is designed to disrupt the current variable-pay-for-variable-performance, advertising-based local marketing model with a more economical fixed-pay-for-unlimited-performance, communication-based alternative. 

ConnectedCity™ offers unique potential for generating revenue and profitability out-of-the-gate at price points significantly below the incumbent local retail advertising providers.

Our Impact 

For Local Businesses

  • Collaborate with other businesses to outcompete large online retailers
  • Save time and money to improve profitability
  • Build greater brand awareness and customer engagement
  • Improve customer targeting
  • Access marketing, financing, education and business support services online
  • Convert advertising dollars into direct benefits for customers

For Local Shoppers

  • Save time searching for local products and services
  • Build brand awareness of local businesses
  • Make better buying decisions, faster
  • Be rewarded for buying locally
  • Get notified when items are available or go on sale

For Municipalities

  • Keep money circulating locally to become more economically sustainable
  • Broadcast municipal news updates to citizens in specific neighbourhoods
  • Job creation and increased taxation revenue, without having to raise taxes
  • Efficient matching of community needs with businesses that meet those needs
  • Democratization of local funds toward local investments and social interests

For Social Media Marketers & Media Producers

  • Access a new online channel for promoting your media productions
  • Improve the value of your marketing and media production services to prospective customers

For Investors

  • Support the preservation of local businesses and the sustainability of your cities and neighbourhoods
  • Invest in a highly disruptive, patent-pending, hyper-local technology platform with early revenue and profit-generating potential
  • Business owners who invest will receive additional promotional benefits (to be announced) 


Online Shopping is projected to reach $423 Billion spending in North America in 2017 and experience double digit growth through 2020. The majority of these funds are directed toward large online retailers like Amazon, resulting in lost local revenue, jobs and business closures. Generation X, Y and Z are heavy users of digital and mobile technology however local small businesses are not equipped to engage and drive purchases from them as easily as their large online competitors. 

Canadians are projected to spend $39 Billion online by 2019. The majority of their purchases (95%) are made from a desktop or laptop computer with an increasing number of purchases being made by mobile devices (phones & tablets). 83% of shoppers still rely on their desktop or laptop for researching products online.

ConnectedCity’s hybrid search and online shopping community strategy has been specifically developed to provide time-saving research and planning capabilities via a desktop or laptop interface, complimented by real-time notification, browsing and payment capabilities via mobile devices.

Businesses are projected to spend $83 Billion on digital advertising in 2017 (USA) with Google controlling 40.7%, followed by Facebook with 19.7% of the total. Double-digit growth in digital ad spending is projected through 2021. 

Small-to-medium sized businesses (SMB’s) spend an average of $400/month on Internet technology however Canadian SMB’s lag in their adoption of Internet technology. In May 2016 the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) reported that 59% of Canadian small businesses (1 - 5 employees) surveyed still don't have a website and only one-third were planning on building one.

ConnectedCity™ is positioned to bring vast numbers of small businesses online by significantly lowering the barriers to adopting technology which combines a powerful, informative web presence and local marketing capabilities into an easy-to-use and affordable package.

Small-Medium Sized Business (SMB) Market size:

Revenue Model

ConnectedCity™ employs a freemium revenue model that offers local businesses and shoppers a set of free basic marketing tools and charges monthly membership fees to access premium marketing tools and services. Discounts and other promotional incentives are given for annual paid memberships.

Monthly pricing ranges from $19.95/month to $49.95/month for SMB’s with custom pricing available for auto dealers, real estate professionals, hotels and municipalities.

Future revenue opportunities include:

  • Customer lead-referral fees
  • Shopping membership fees 
  • eCommerce transaction fees from retail product purchases
  • Municipal government access fees for promoting city-related news
  • 3rd party technology integration fees
  • Big data-driven local market research reports

Meet the Team
Gary Taylor
Founder, President - CEO
Marv Steier
Advisory Board
Ferdinand Milan
Advisory Board
Gillian Lai
Advisory Board
William Chan
Advisory Board
Todd Mumford
Advisory Board
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