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5 years of privilege membership
10 years of privilege membership and $40 in credit at the Bougex Shop
15 years of privilege membership, $40 in credit at the Bougex shop, $500 in advertising credit on

Finally, here is the solution to live and fully experience the sporting experience, according to your tastes, anywhere, anytime, in a single and fully experience the sporting experience, according to your tastes, anywhere, anytime, in a single and fully experience the sporting experience, according to your tastes, anywhere, anytime, in a single and fully experience the sporting experience, according to your tastes, anywhere, anytime, in a single search.

Founded in Québec in 2002 by Alex Guillaume, Bougex was initially a website that was created to promote our activities and to face the ever-increasing demand in the sports field. We were therefore registering the activities of our friends and the activities of their friends as well. And before we knew it, had become the most important platform dedicated to sports and leisure in Quebec.


  • When you want to move about and do something, you look for inspiration, and the information is scattered and misclassified.

  • You have to visit many sites. The process is long, cumbersome and complex!

  • We do not practice enough sports.

  • Our friends always have excuses to do nothing or postpone it to a later time!


Today, in the form of research, makes it possible to find everything that could interest YOU as sports activities of all kinds. While constantly evolving, we offer more than 15,000 activities per year on Bougex, everywhere in Quebec and soon all over the world.

When you invest in Bougex, we offer you the opportunity to join a movement. We are at the stage of offering this service worldwide and making people move, by doing one activity at a time.

Just imagine… whether you're in your own country or on the other side of the world, with a simple click you'll know all the activities related to cycling, kayaking or hiking... no matter where you are.

The potential for growth is HIGHLY important.

Advantages of investing in Bougex today!

The foundation and current bases of the new platform have been created with 123 investors who invested $ 106,000 in August 2016, as well as with highly involved partners and the personal investment and perseverance of Alex Guillaume, who always believed in Bougex. He believed in a better, less individualistic and a sportier society!

Now that the basics of the platform are online, it is totally natural for this second phase to continue in the same philosophy and to offer you today to go further TOGETHER by becoming a shareholder to make our community and our bases stronger, and to fast-track Bougex in Quebec and overseas.

For further information about investment that we offer, we invite you to consult the official offer letter and/or visit our frequently asked questions.

  • We enjoy an already active community of more than 60,000 members in Quebec and an indisputable expertise;

  • We currently account for just over 20,000 unique visitors per month; (Equivalent of a crowded Bell Center!)

  • 12,573 subscribers to our Facebook page;

  • 60% of our members are active women between the age of 40 to 65;

 In order to create a high-performance platform, Bougex has teamed up with a LOCAL leader in this field: (Montréal).

To ensure the success of the project, Vortex has invested $ 75,000 in Bougex Inc.

More than a supplier, Vortex is a PARTNER in this project.

"By investing in Bougex, your money will be spent wisely"

  • Updating new features to the website and mobile

  • English and multilingual versions of the site

  • Updating thousands of new events

  • Several advertising and marketing campaigns so that everyone in Quebec discovers and uses Bougex! 

"Our objective is to become the web search benchmark for all activities that can be done locally or anywhere in the world”

  • We want to bring together the largest community of active people on the planet;

  • We want to offer the members of this community the possibility to communicate with each other and indulge in their passions easily;

  • We want to offer new horizons to local businesses to promote their events, activities, packages and traveling activities;

As for the solution of keeping our users connected, we are also working on interconnecting and thus, being able to measure and monitor our performance in one place


3-year Forecast

  • 300,000 active Canadian users per month

  • 60,000 listed activities

  • $ 4,000,000 overall income

5-year Forecast

  • 1.5 million active users worldwide

  • 300,000 listed activities

  • 24 million overall income

Content Marketing: to showcase events

Advertising: to promote products or services

Other: Ticketing, Events, Travel agency, Derivatives, etc.

Member subscription:

Privilege members enjoy benefits in order to facilitate socialization among members.

  • Knowing what events a specific member is registered for

  • Knowing which members have visited their profile

  • Having the opportunity to contact a member without having participated in a joint activity

  • Invite more friends to their events

  1. What type of shares will I get by investing in Bougex? 

By investing today in Bougex, you get participating and non-voting Class B shares based on a valuation of the company at $ 1.75M. For more detailed information about the rights associated with the Class B shares, you can consult the following document (link to Form 1).

  1. What is the current distribution of Bougex shares?

And once the fundraising campaign is finalized?  


           Class A Shares (Alex Guillaume): 86%

           Class B Shares (4 shareholders-investors): 14%

If Bougex raises $ 250,000 during this campaign:

           Class A Shares (Alex Guillaume): 74.5%

           Class B Shares (4 shareholders-investors + new shareholders): 25.5%        

  1. Can I invest more than $ 1,500?

For most investors (except for qualified investors), $ 1,500 is the maximum permitted by the laws and regulations in Quebec for this type of financing.

If you are a "qualified investor" under the applicable regulations you can invest from $ 5,000 to $ 50,000. FrontFundr offers you this possibility on its platform.

To be "qualified", In Quebec, according to the AMF, an investor must have significantly above average income or substantial assets. They must meet one of the following criteria:

Alone or with the spouse, have more than $ 1,000,000 in financial assets (money and investments) clear of debts and taxes. The primary residence and other real estate properties do not count.

Have an asset clear of debts of at least $ 5,000,000 (may include the primary residence and other real estate properties)

Have a net income before taxes of more than $ 200,000 ($ 300,000 if combined with the net income of the spouse) in each of the two previous years and reasonably expect to exceed this income in the current year.


  1. Value of my Bougex shares and dividends?

The value of your shares will be linked to the success of Bougex in the implementation of its business plan. This value may vary depending on various factors such as company’s financial performance or the interest of other investors. It is impossible to guarantee the future value of the Bougex shares. You must consider all the risks inherent in the purchase of shares of a private company in your investment decision (link to the risk section of Form 1).

Bougex intends to reinvest all of its available liquidity to finance its growth over the next few years and does not intend to declare any dividend on any class of shares in the foreseeable future.

  1. Can I resell my shares to another person? How to proceed with it? Are there any restrictions?

Unlike the shares of publicly listed companies, there is no organized market for Bougex shares. Therefore it’s a long-term investment. When a new financing takes place, if you like to, you can then resell your shares to a new shareholder. You can consult the Bougex shareholder agreement in order to learn the terms and conditions applicable to the resale of Bougex shares (link to shareholder agreement).

  1. Will I get Bougex's financial reports?

Yes, you will receive Bougex's financial reports by e-mail ( every quarter.

The end of fiscal year of Bougex Inc. is September 30 of each year.

  1. What is the current valuation of the company?

           The current financing is based on a pre-campaign valuation of $ 1.75M.

  1. When will my investment be formalized?

If the campaign objective is met, you will receive an electronic notification from Frontfundr at the end of the fundraising campaign once the Class B shares have been issued to investors. You will then have to confirm this with Frontfundr in order to receive a document certifying the ownership of your shares.


  1. Are the shareholders of Bougex liable for the debts of the company? 

By holding shares of the company, the shareholders become owners of some sort. However, since the company is a legal entity, it is separate from its owners and therefore in principle, is liable for its debts. The liability of each shareholder is therefore limited to the value of their shares

  1. If Bougex does not reach its target of $ 250,000 for this equity-based crowdfunding,  are you still going ahead with your expansion plans? What happens if Bougex does not achieve the minimum of $ 48,750?

If we do not achieve the minimum amount of $ 50,000, then the fundraising campaign will be canceled and Frontfundr will reimburse all investors. The Frontfundr platform will retain in trust all the sums collected until the closing of the financing and the issuance of shares to the investors.

If we do not reach the target of $ 249,750, we will have to limit the deployment of growth operations (Technological and Marketing), but we will go ahead with our business plan.

  1. If I live outside of Canada, can I invest? Can residents of all provinces of Canada invest?

Bougex is primarily aimed at residents of the province of Quebec for this fun. However, other Canadian residents may consult the investment form to verify their eligibility. If you are a resident of another country, a representative of Bougex will communicate directly with you before the end of the financing campaign to confirm your eligibility.

  1. Can you send me the details of the offer?

All official documents are available at the bottom of this page. Feel free to download them and view them.

Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to contact Bougex here or to participate in one of our information events anywhere in Quebec.


Meet the Team

Alex Guillaume

December 22, 2017

Bougex réduit son objectif minimum // Bougex is lowering its minimum


* English message to follow *

Bonne nouvelle, nous venons de passer la barre des 67 000 $ pour la Bougex inc.

Plus de bonnes nouvelles: VortexSolution vient de confirmer un investissement supplémentaire en nature de 25 000 $, soit 312 heures de travail de développement pour optimiser et simplifier notre plateforme.

Ce partenariat nous permettra d'atteindre nombre des objectifs que nous nous sommes fixés au début de la collecte de fonds, y compris de nombreuses optimisations et simplifications sur le site Web. Voir la vidéo à ce sujet ici. Et comme vous pouvez le voir après la diffusion de la vidéo, les commentaires sont excellents.

De plus, grâce à l'implication, à l'expertise et à l'équipe marketing de VortexSolution, nous pourrons lancer notre campagne marketing au printemps pour attirer de nouveaux membres sur la plateforme.

Résumé de la campagne de financement:
14 nouveaux investisseurs ont complété leur investissement totalisant 13 753 $
50 investisseurs ont converti leurs débentures en actions Bougex pour 54 000 $. Cela totalise 67 753 $. 27 003 $ sont en cours de traitement

Avec les 25 000 $ investis en nature par VortexSolution, nous sommes très proches de notre objectif. Nous avons décidé de réduire l'objectif de notre campagne à 60 000 $. Nous sommes convaincus que notre nouvelle collaboration avec VortexSolution nous permettra d'atteindre tous nos objectifs pour l'année à venir.

Cependant, vous avez le droit de vous retirer de la campagne. Si vous souhaitez annuler votre investissement, vous disposez de 48 heures après l'envoi de cet e-mail. Vous pouvez postuler à FrontFundr à partir de Frontfund à

Grâce à vous, nous continuerons à faire avancer Bougex.

Un GRAND merci d'avance.

Bonne année !

Alex Guillaume
Fondateur & CEO Bougex



Good news, we have just passed the $ 67,000 mark for the Bougex inc.

More good news: VortexSolution has just confirmed an additional investment in-kind of $ 25,000, or 312 hours of development work to optimize and simplify our platform.

This partnership will enable us to achieve many of the goals we set for ourselves at the beginning of the fundraising, including many optimizations and simplifications on the website. See the video about it here. And as you can see following the broadcast of the video, the comments are excellent.

Also, thanks to the involvement, expertise, and marketing team of VortexSolution, we will be able to launch our marketing campaign in the spring to attract new members to the platform.

Summary of the fundraising campaign:
14 new investors completed their investment totaling $ 13,753
50 investors converted their debentures into Bougex shares for $ 54,000. This totals $67,753. $ 27,003 being processed

With the $ 25,000 invested in-kind by VortexSolution, we are very close to our goal. We decided to reduce the goal of our campaign to $ 60,000. We are confident that our new collaboration with VortexSolution will enable us to achieve all our goals for the coming year.

However, you have the right to withdraw from the campaign. If you want to cancel your investment you have 48 hours after sending this email. You can apply to FrontFundr from Frontfundr at

Thanks to you, we will continue to move Bougex forward.

A BIG thank you in advance.

Happy New Year!

Alex Guillaume

Founder & CEO Bougex

82 total, 67 anonymous
Alain Lanthier
Nicole Bouchard
René Gareau
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