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A favorite among the millennial generation, thanks to its intuitive design and logical interface, ApartmentLove.com is accelerating the rental experience by making it faster and easier for both landlords and tenants to safely rent quality homes online.

Advertising more than 150,000 daily active listings on behalf of some of the largest property managers and apartment owners in Canada and the United States, ApartmentLove.com is the professional listing solution needed by both landlords and tenants from coast to coast. 

Visited by more than 20,000 prospects from around the world, ApartmentLove.com is a thought and design leader with a fierce growth and expansion mandate.  Catering to young professionals seeking high-end apartments and condos in Canada and the United States, ApartmentLove.com is a fast-moving growth stage company. 

A favorite among the millennial generation, thanks to its intuitive design and logical interface, ApartmentLove.com is accelerating the rental experience by making it faster and easier for both landlords and tenants to safely rent quality homes online.

Now in development of dedicated mobile apps for both iOS and Android operating systems, the Company has proven its ability to scale and meet the ever-changing needs and wants of the millennial generation while outpacing and outperforming the competition in Canada, the United States, overseas and elsewhere around the world. 


We have two distinct customer types: Landlords and Tenants.

  1. Landlords: From private owners to property managers and large-scale apartment operators, landlords advertise an estimated 7.5 million rental listings in Canada and the United States via the internet each year.

In this capacity, our target audience are those who readily acknowledge the need to advertise rental properties to secure good quality tenants. They accept that marketing their listings is a time-sensitive cost of doing business and are familiar with the real estate sector. Moreover, they are willing and able to pay a premium for superior marketing services.

  1. Tenants: Once only considered to be students and low-income earners, thanks to new restrictions imposed on first-time home buyers by the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) coupled with lingering nervousness in the United States following the subprime mortgage collapse and changing attitudes towards home-ownership by the millennial generation, “tenants” now transcend all age groups, demographics and tax brackets.

In this capacity, our target audience is best described as being between the ages of 24 and 35 years old and seeking a lease term of at least one year.  Wanting a high-end rental in either Canada or the United States, they are unmarried, are without kids and own no pets. Well-educated, they operate with a sense of urgency, are familiar with the rental process and are proficient using the Internet and active on social media.

Revenue Model

ApartmentLove.com earns revenue in three distinct ways: Cost per Lead, Direct Sales and Listing Subscriptions.

  • Cost per Lead: Effective October 1, 2017; ApartmentLove.com will earn referral fees for every tenant inquiry generates from across Canada.  The Company will be actioning a similar cost per lead model in the United States in the months ahead. 
  • Direct Sales: Landlords can purchase discounted listing packages that most closely meet their marketing needs via the website. Because credits never expire, discounted listing packages are a favorite among private landlords advertising one or few listings each year.
  • Listing Subscriptions: Larger property management companies, as well as dedicated apartment owners and operators, can integrate their internal inventory management software directly with our listing systems.  A fully-automated and altogether “hands-free” engagement, listing subscriptions are an efficient marketing solution for professional apartment rental companies from coast to coast. 

Use of Proceeds 

The information in the table below is from our Offering Memorandum:

Exit Strategy

ApartmentLove.com plans to grow organically, as well as by acquisition and will be re-investing its operating cash flow into the continued growth and development of the Company.  Once certain performance measures have been met, management will pursue the best exit strategy for all its shareholders.


Investment Highlights

  • Capital raised in previous rounds: $245,667
  • In-kind capital: $210,375
  • Maximum current raise: $500,000
  • Minimum current raise: $150,000
  • Pre-money valuation: $1,510,231 on a fully-diluted basis
  • Equity offered (maximum raise): 24.5% on a fully-diluted basis
  • Equity offered (minimum raise): 7.4% on a fully-diluted basis
  • Offering (unit) type: Common Shares
  • Price per unit: $0.50/ Common Share


What separates you from other listing sites?

Most listing sites have a very narrow focus and only support rentals in one or few regions across the country.  ApartmentLove.com, with our more than 150,000 active listings across Canada and the United States is an absolute destination for renters from coast to coast.  With expansion projects throughout Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and Asia in-hand, ApartmentLove.com is fast becoming a truly global solution.

How were you able to grow so quickly?

We extensively researched the industry before writing a single line of code. By the time we finally began development, let alone launched the website, we were already ahead of the competition. Now, leveraging our unique and memorable branding alongside our fast and efficient listing system, we’re implementing our marketing plans as intended and this, we believe, is the reason the market has responded with such widespread and unprecedented adoption.


When do the free trials end?

We are converting our Canadian listings to a cost per lead model effective October 1, 2017.  We will convert our US listings to a similar cost per lead model once traffic volumes in the United States have reached and exceeded certain benchmarks.

Meet the Team
Trevor Davidson
President & CEO
George Davidson
Board of Directors
Tia Hamielec
Board of Directors
7 total, 5 anonymous
Amy Lucas
Lona Salomons-Jatia
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